Lets beat this addiction.

This habit will damage what is most important to you.

We utilize a wide range of of energy to fight against addiction.

This provides one with a new sense of power and direction.

Only a power greater than ourselves can offer a reset button.

 You can overcome addiction in with this independent way.

The steps out of your destructive habit fall readily into place.

Escape addiction.

​Many addicted people believe they are powerless.

This is in fact part and parcel of the addiction.

It is the irresistibility factor that keeps them addicted.

The critical element in cure is to gain a sense of self-efficacy.

This higher state of self-efficacy play a major role in recovery.

This is the true Path to Recovery from Addictions of Any Kind.

Addiction is a powerful thing.

Break free from Addictions of every sort.

Smoking, Alcohol, Food, Drugs, Gambling, Sex, Love, etc.

Achieve freedom from addictive, self-destructive behaviors.

We are offering you a new firm foundation to stand on.

Whatever you’re bound to, We can help.

We can help you break every chain that binds you. 


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Healing Addictions.

An Addiction is a strong urge that is very destructive.

Addiction is a symptom and never a root cause. 

To really heal, emotional traumas needs to be relieved.

Trauma creates the internal conflict that encourages an addiction.

Healing the trauma allows you to become whole and free again. 

The Great spirit has tremendous ability to generate true healing.

Stop addiction spell

We use the healing energies of a higher power.

This process activates the healing mechanism in the body.

It creates a wholeness which actually stops addiction.

This transforms the addict into a higher state of self.

Treating the addiction does not cure the person.

Healing the person cures the addiction.

Destroy the addictive urges

Healing's do activate the curing, but it is much more.

Its about getting closer to your higher consciousness.

You experience deep peace and acceptance of everything.

It encourages one to act from a place of serenity, not fear.

A state of calm, diminishes the addictions seductive powers.

Thus the higher consciousness defeats the addictive urge.

Defeat the Destructive Power Of Addiction. 

Changing distorted thinking, is crucial to your success.

Healing trauma associated with addiction leads to victory.

A higher consciousness allows a true transformation.

​Establish true power to crush addictive urges. 

Connect to the most powerful coping agent ever. 

Use A higher power to dissociate you from the addict.


Addiction Recovery | Summary of Stop Addiction Spell

Spell to Stop Dependency. Solution to Overcome addictedness.

Overcoming an addiction is difficult.

No matter how hopeless your situation seems.

We offer Hope and Help for the addicted and their Families.

A Divine intervention will set you free from your addiction.

Divine intervention disconnects you from the addictive grip.

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Spell to Stop Dependency. Long-Term Solution for Overcoming the addictedness. View Summary of Addiction Recovery spell.
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