If you want to date a long-time friend, think really seriously about using this frienship to love spell first or you could end up killing an awesome friendship and you don’t want that 

 Turn friendship into love.

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There’s a thin line between friends and sweethearts and you seem to be trapped on the wrong side. So how are you going to turn this from friendship to love?

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Friendship to love spell


Turn a friendship into love

Is there’s someone in your crew who you’re casual friends with but you just can’t stop thinking about. Every time this cutie bumps into you your heart goes pitter patter and the rest of the world just falls away. You are crushing hard.  you're hot for your buddy and ever ready to turn your friendship into a new relationship !!! If you’re going to break out of the friend zone you must give this spell the old college try to get those attraction signals in return.

This spell will provide your friend with an adrenaline rush to feel revved up and excited when they are near you. It will increase their interest in so that they will want to have genuine conversations where you can disagree, express your interests and share your POV. This friendship to love spell will encourage them to want to get closer physically, touching your arm, hands or brushing a stray hair out of your eyes whenever they get a chance. In the final touch we will mist their brain a burst of oxytocin, creating feelings of happiness making them feel all good about you. As their behavior changes you wont have to wonder if its worth taking it to the next level


 Beak out of the friend zone with this

Friendship to love - love spell