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These are the most frequently asked questions about my spells. 

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Got a Question? We think its a very good idea to answer some of the most frequently asked questions in an effort to ease your mind before you consider venturing into the realm of spells, spell casting & magick. So we have listed the most frequently asked questions and their answers below. However if you have a different type of question or a question that's not listed please don't hesitate to contact us

Most Common FAQ ( frequently asked questions)

Can a spell really do anything? As in, anything is possible, no matter how difficult?

I absolutely believe that - All things are possible for the great spirit, so for me to say that something cant be done would completely contradict my faith. However that is a brief answer to a complex subject. I wish to be of help to you so i want to share a little wisdom.  Even though its true that All things are possible for the great spirit, we recommend that you keep your request inline with the natural abilities that are known to exist for us within this realm. Love, wisdom, wealth, Healing, Protection, favor, luck, happiness, etc. Asking for freakish abilities like living forever, flying, etc - may have unforeseen consequences and or may not manifest for you within this life cycle or dimension. So be careful what you wish for... 

Also .. we wont cast any spell that pertains to anything related to death !!!

How Long Does It Take For A Spell To Work???  

All Spell Results vary. Some see results within hours, or within the first (3 to 7) days.
80% of people see the results within the first Weeks > Complete answer here

Cant find the right spell for my situation???

Please email us so we can assist you  (email address listed below)  

Can I order more than one spell at a time???

yes, plenty of our repeat customers do 

As a first time customer,  You should probably start off by ordering a single spell. This way you can decide whether or not you want to order more spells. We have no desire to stir up any bad Karma for either of us or anyone else. So please be sure you fully comprehend our refund policy before placing an orders that contain multiple spells. Our "money back guarantee" does not apply to orders that contain multiple spells. We will refund the cost of a spell, But not multiple ones. Nor does it cover the cost of any Custom spells, Spell enhancers, extra services and or Power ups.

What do i do after payment is made??? 

After payment is made - email me !!!  
  A) Your specific goal for the spell  ( optional )
  B) Name(s) of the person(s) to be targeted by spell

Just follow this outline > Email example

Do you need lots of details about my situation???

We only need basic info from you to cast your spell. But If you feel that more information is needed for us to properly understand your unique situation, please include it underneath the specific details of your spell of your email as outlined in our > Email example

Do you cast spells to better your own life (to get rich, etc )
If a serious need arises we do, but never for selfish reason. Moreover, for the most part, our needs are taken care of by the great spirit. We get our rewards by helping others. The more we help others, the less we need for ourselves. Or i could say, the more you receive - the more i receive. Were blessed to have gifts that allow us to connect to a higher power to achieve a greater good, if we start using this favor towards selfish goals we lose that blessing. its that simple, so for me its just not worth it. As it stands i lack very little, so i must be doing things right !!!

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