Refund policy.

Honesty is the best policy !!! 

We have a very high success rate of over 93%. The great spirit can help, fix and or resolve any need you present. Our repeat customer base is a living testimony to that fact. We have successfully helped people from every corner of the globe, every walk of life and we sure want to help you too. View our > Clients feedback, comments, statements and testimonies  

We put our heart and soul into every spell request that we accept, in hopes to manifest results for all which is why we have over a 93% success rate, but nevertheless this is a spiritual journey and we do not want to mislead anyone. Therefore we want you to understand that not every wish is granted (5%) . Unlike other sites, we wont lie or make false claims to get your business.

Divine intervention can help you achieve your goal ... However only the great spirit knows how and when your wish will be granted. The The good news is that when divine energy is called upon, It opens the doors of opportunity which gives you a huge advantage in obtaining the end goal you seek. Our spells have worked for many of our clients and they can work for you too.

If you want the miraculous advantages that come from having a professional cast your spell for you - we want to help !!!!  


No refunds for spells cast or spiritual services.

But we will do everything in our power to help you manifest the results you desire

A lot of work goes into every spell we cast: from the initial consultation, to the energy reads (before, during and after the casting), to the preparing of tools, The writing of spell verses, The spell casting, Energy projections and meditation sessions. It also cost money to obtain the supplies required for each ritual every time we cast a spell. And last but not least, there is the cost to finance our spell casting staff, website & facilities. This is no hobby for us. Its our way of life.

But as i said -Honesty is the best policy

IF YOUR NOT willing to invest your money in our service to help you obtain your goal

Please dont ask us to invest our time, money & resources in you !!!  

Again i say - This is no hobby for us. Its our way of life

That's why we have over a 93% success rate.

we want to make this experience as stress free and productive as possible !!! 
Over the ages we have built a solid reputation on getting results where others have failed. 

Its important for use to stress that we are in no position to determine or judge whether whatever request we receive is good or bad. We don't know what you've been through, we simply know your asking for help and that's exactly what why we're here. The great spirit has put us here to call forth his divine blessing so that you can receive the things you ask for.

This is not a game,

if your not serious about this,

you should leave this site right now.

For we have no desire to stir up bad Karma !!!  

These things have been said so that we can cast your spell(s) with a clear conscience.

 We have no desire to stir up bad Karma for you, us or anyone else involved !!!

we will continually work with you to get your wish granted for you !!!

We appreciate & certainly count upon having your full support.​​