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Aggressive spells. 
- Insurrection Spirit.


Banishment Spells.

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Beauty Spells.

 Book of Magic.

Business / Career Spells.

Book of magic spells.

Cleansing Spells.

Book of sorcery.

​Curses & Hexes.

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Good Luck Spells.

Spell book

Healing Spells.

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Intranquility Spells

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Justice / Hearings / Court Spells. 

Law of attraction spells

  • X7 Business/ Career
  • X7 Employment Spell 
  • X7 Love Spell 
  • X7 Luck Spell
  • X7 Money Spell 

Love Spell Description

​Money - Spell info

Protection Spells

Self improvement

Details of spells

The section above has links that lead to the outline of a spell.

The spell outline describes the spells features.

it displays what the spell will do.