Be Mine | Spell of Love and Devotion.

Love Spell to make him or her forsake others.

Desire, Dedication, Devotion for you and only you.

Attract a love or Entice lost lover to return.

Don't wait to be chosen, Be top priority.

Make them love, want and desire you.

Powerful amor spell for erotic love, attraction and affection.

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Return to where you came from.

Love Spell: Be Mine.

There in no vaccination for the love-bug itch.

Get them to want to stick to you as if you were their glue.

They will want to put their arms around you, possibly get hitched.

Become another's first choice, even if they are betrothed.

Renew a commitment or spark up an old flame.

Whatever your love game is, get them to pledge their for you.

Spell of Love and Devotion.

Love is the intense feeling of affection, warmth and fondness.

Devotion is being loyal to a cause or out of duty.

They just can't say no to this power combo.

Devotion demands that they set aside time for you.

Love compels them to continuously think think of you.

Get the time and attention you need to grow this relationship.

Love and Devotion

These two emotions combine as a supreme expression.

They hit the targets heart and get expressed in grand form.

Become the Object of their adoration.

Enjoy their deeply reverential admiration for and of you.

Gain the reverence of devotion and the surrender of their love.

They will proclaim you as the fervor of their heart and soul.


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Love Spell to make him or her forsake others. Desire, Dedication, Devotion for you. Be Mine Love Spell.
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Spell of enticement: Be Mine.

Unleash the god of love, passionate and physical desire.

This potent spell of love will forcefully strikes your targets heart.

They wont be able to stop thinking of wanting you. 

First a little confusion, then irrepressible feelings for you

Weakens the mind but inflames the heart.

When the love bug bites, their heart will go crazy for you. 

Transform His or Her Heart.

The heart is the eternal core of our being.

The heart is essentially the same as ones spirit.

in fact, even more so than spirit. It is ones will.

The heart  mind and will are closely related.

Any heart can be enticed with this love spell.

Once enticed, you become the center of their world.

Amor Enchantment

Amor is the Latin word for love. 

Enchantment means to attract and catch someone's attention.

Enchanted amor: The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships.

​Love magick allows us to get in touch with the love within.

It Inspires love to form between you and the one you love.

Let us get that special someone enchanted with you.

Attraction Love Spell.

Let the love flow via this potent attraction spell. 

Use this love to:

Draw in a new lover.

Renew an existing relationship.

Reunite with an old flame.

Ignite the attraction that's essential for this fulfilling relationship.