Fire spells

Our Fire spells allow you to capitalize on a ceremony that me & my people have used to satisfy our "must have" needs, wants and wishes throughout the ages. These Fire spells will give you the life you want. 

Real Fire Spells

Fire spells for Love 

Fire is alive, it lives & breathes just like us. 
Fire represent sacred living beings ready to help you.

Fire spells for Money 

Fire spells use the holiest of spirits to carry your entreaties into the divine and secure support from the Great Spirit.

Fire spells for Employment

The Sacred Fire used to cast your spell represents the eternal fire that burns at the center of the universe.

Self improvement / Self help spells

Fire is a gift from the Creator. It is spirit made manifest. 

It is untouchable yet touches us with it’s warmth and light. 

we communicate with it, to enrich the lives of all. ​

Healing / Health spells

Fire spells that work

​Fire spells are created by crafting a sacred seal to enhance your spell. These markers of the absolute are placed upon our fire alter during the casting of your spell so your request can be released into the ethers at our fire ceremonies.

Fire is universal, metaphysical and multi-dimensional. It's considered sacred and revered by us. Fire is a living, breathing symbol of the great spirits presence and a sign of His eternal power. Fire is a pure element that cant be effected or influenced by evil or dark forces. It is the key to obtaining the miraculous results you seek

Fire is considered sacred and revered by us, It is the pristine unifying force between God and humanity. We use it to connect with the holiest of spirits, carry entreaties into the divine and secure support from the Great Spirit. Our Fire spells are a thousand percent stronger than any other spell your going to find online. In fact, there is very little that could be more powerful, or more profound.

Fire spells that work