Details of - Super Spell casting options 

Super Spell Castings

  • Spells cast once within 24 hrs of order
  • Followed by castings in the next 3 Super events.
  • You get 3 Super Castings within a 30 day cycle
  • Spells will be cast by Archmage Master.

Upcoming Spell Casting Dates

  • Angel Magic & spells - 8.24.19
  • New Moon spells - 8.31.19
  • Labor Days Spells - 9.2.19

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Spell Casting Options

Single Cast

( cast once with 24 hrs of order, then once in 3 events )
( Cast by: Archmage Master ) Single cast in 3 super events - simple yet powerful   

Triple Cast
Cast once with 24 hrs of order, then triple cast in 3 events

Cast by: Archmage Master - A very powerful option. Your spell is Cast three separate times in 3 dedicated casting services during the next 3 super events. This Casting is a great choice for very complicated situations and or for conditions that need immediate attention.​

Dominion Coven cast ( with Daily power blast )

This is for those whose dreams are vast but must absolutely come to pass. 

  • A Dominion Coven cast fire spell
  • Cast by: Archmage Master with coven. 
  • Daily Coven Cast  ( 30 days )
  • POWER BLAST casting service ( 30 days ) 
  • Removal of negative energy from you & target ( 30 days )
  • Coven triple cast Fire spell in the 3 Super events 

This is the mother of all spell casting services. Great for "must have" situations and "difficult cases".  It includes a Coven fire Cast at 3 am each day in our daily casting service for 30 days. This also includes our POWER BLAST service; our team of manifestation experts will also be channeling positive energy towards your cause for 30 days

Each daily casting also includes a bonus booster spell to remove negative energy from you & target to ensure full implementation & vigor of your spell.

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Customer Support
I offer full ongoing support and advice via email for any purchase for as long as you require it - you can contact me at any time with any questions that you may have and I will respond to you as soon as possible. I am always happy to help in any way possible. Our primary mission is to help families tap this divine power to release the riches of the universe.

Divine power is at your beckon call.

If you have multiple needs, wants or desires; please order the appropriate spells and or purchase a Custom spell so that a proper casting can be preformed for you. Our spells work because we create and use explicit incantations along with dedicated rituals to invoke the supernatural powers needed to turn your wish into a reality.

Adding various effects and or diverse requests to a specific spell without having the necessary modifications made will only decrease your spells effectiveness. 

I will do whatever you want

but i say these things so that i can

cast your spell with a clear conscience