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Notice: The Feedback server has crashed. New feedback platform has been installed but only shows newest feedback.

We have 5/5 stars based upon all original reviews!    

About New Feed back platform.

As it stands, Scamadviser: our feedback host, shows that we have a 100% trust score, &  5/5 stars based on all our reviews.

Scamadviser: helps millions of consumers every month to discover if a website is legitimate, therefore we are very proud of the 100% trust score we have and that they display on their site.

Nevertheless, the server which was hosting all feedback is no longer available, meaning it can no longer display anyone's feedback on the site from which the feedback came as it once did.

However we have been issued a new secure feedback platform that allows our clients to post their feedback and for that feedback to be displayed live on our site.

This new platform is so much better as it allow the feedback you post to be immediately posted and seen on our site. We are very happy with the new secure platform, but the down side is that Scamadviser was unable to migrate any existing feedback into new platform.

You can use link below to view Current stats & original reviews.

Just be sure to post your feedback on our the site for all to see.

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Please Scroll up & post your reviews on the new platform.

Attention All Clients

We may not be able to recover your original feedback / reviews, so we are asking all clients who have ever used our service to repost feedback/reviews here on the new platform above.

As Stated above, 

To view feedback / reviews prior to 10.04.21, you will will need to visit Scamadviser main site. Our site is not new! So you can trust us. We have established a 100% trust score over the years and a solid record that reflects that our services are highly effective.

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