Daily Blessing for Today.

 Free Prayer to Improve Daily Life.

Unleashing God's power so you can obtain the blessed life you desire and deserve.If you are in need of help,

Blessing be to those who read and take heed of these words.

This anointed message and blessing is for you

Things aren’t going your way, which allows disappointment to distract you.

Disappointment brings confusion to cloud your mind and blur your vision.

You become lost like a wave of the sea, unstable in all your ways.

Dark forces win in this way, and its how they keep you in dismay.

Fear not, God will lift you out of troubles.

The great spirit is with you; and will save you.

Your coarse will be corrected and your losses restored.

​​I release this blessing: End Trouble & Restore Losses.
Rest fully assured today that the Great spirit will set you free from your struggles, and redeem you from lack and loss. 
The Great spirit will come to your rescue and reestablish you. I know God will work wonders in your life. 

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New opportunities are flowing to you

So don't let past hurts hold you in place.

Realign yourself to this new phase of your life.

Golden opportunities will satisfy all your needs.

These new opportunities will be an excellent fit for you.

The Great Spirit has created opportunities to ensure your success. 

Whether you are in lack, loss or misfortune, Carry on with dreaming and doing.

Have confidence. The Great spirit will absolutely satisfy all your needs.

​​I release this blessing: Satisfy your most wanted needs.

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The most powerful of spirits wants to lift you out of troubles.

The Holy spirit will stand and support you through thick and thin.

You No longer have to carry the baggage of burdens, God will for you.   

Let your hair down and forget all about those day-to-day hardships today.

Ponder on happier moments, Remember a time you belly laughed until you cried.

Joyful memories are nourishing for your soul and healing to your body. 

Do this today, and your future days will be so much brighter than your past.

​​I release this blessing: Turn dark times into days of blessings.

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The Great spirit wishes to become your spiritual partner.

A partnership with deep connections compassion, and unconditional love.  

This connection creates a beautiful synergy so God can satisfy your needs

This relationship can grow into something deeply fulfilling and rewarding for you.

Believe that God is with you, guiding you, and providing for you. 

May the Holy Spirit infuse you today with energy and strength! 

God desires to pour out many blessing upon you

so your victory and your reward are certain.

​I release this blessing: to assure your victory and rewards

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The Great spirit is full of Divine love and compassion.

The God of gods can’t help but let this love flow down to you.

The Great spirit has receive your invitation to help and says “Yes” 

The one true God will help you obtain your goal.  

– but only if you embrace this help with an open heart.

Give yourself permission to open yourself to receive unconditional help.

God is going to give you what you want, so make the most of any opportunity.

The more you accept this help & stay positive, you will receive more on multiple levels.

​I release this blessing: For you to Receive your rewards on multiple levels.

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The Great spirit has the power to create any outcome you wish.

However you are the determining factor in this situation.

So be mindful about your intentions and vision.

If you believe that your request will be successful, it will.

See things the way you want them to be, and it shall become that way.

The God of gods is here to support you one hundred percent of the way. 

God will honor your request and will stop at nothing to manifest it for you.

​I release this blessing of: Long-term, sustainable success

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Stay fiercely determined and focused on your goals. 

Thus the Great spirit will know what you want and make it happen for you.

The God of gods is masterful at engaging issues to help you achieve your goals.

God will unleash miraculous power out into the world to manifest your positive vision.

So be upbeat, courageous, and determined - even in the face of adversity and challenge.

With brazen energy, passion and enthusiasm the great spirit will produce results you desire.

I release this blessing: To Produce the results your desire

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With a clear vision about what you want to create

The Great Spirit is pressing forward to turn your request into reality. 

God is so committed to your purpose and will stop at nothing to bring it to life for you.

But don't be impulsive and impatient, expecting everything to be done yesterday

Find a way to focus in a positive manner as this will help manifest your goal.

This will empower the Great spirit to charge ahead with high energy and vibrancy.

May God strengthen you, so that your victory and reward are certain.

​I release this blessing: Positive energy to expedite Results. 

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The Great spirit knows you've come seeking help.

You've made your request known, but have not gotten results yet.

Things may appear as if they are not getting better or going anywhere.

The Great spirit has released a creative spark that in fact literally taken charge.

This spark is working its way into reality so it can be implemented in this physical realm.

So don't give up and Don't be deceived, Things are being worked together for you, right now.

The God of gods has walked this path before and is now leading you forward to claim your prize.

Focus on being blessed, and God will make sure that you will be blessed in abundance.

​I release this blessing: Breakthrough & Abundance.

Post date 2.8.2020.  Any that need help Please Contact us

​The Great spirit will work overtime to help you

God takes on greater responsibility to make things easier for you,

whatever Lack, loss or misfortune you are facing is only temporary,

The God of god will work hard to make sure that you reap your rewards.

Don't give up, you're taking the final steps on the path to obtaining your dreams.

Don’t be afraid; just believe, and you will receive your blessing.

I release this blessing: Victory to satisfy your every longing.

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May the the Great spirit give you a fresh perspective on your life. 

May you begin to see your troubles—tough as they are—as only momentary. 

In fact, those very troubles shall be worked together for your greater good.   

Don't be rattled by temporary circumstances. Do not fret over that which you cannot control. 

These will only distress your soul and skew your perspective. It's possible to find peace in the storm.

God promised to show you how to rest when the world is in chaos around you.
Take Him up on His offer to settle you amidst unsettling circumstances.

The Great spirit is deeply invested in your journey and will help you obtain your goals.

May your spirit be renewed and Good fortune be ever in your favor.

I release this blessing: Victory to satisfy your every longing.

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In the face of adversity, 

you can count on the Great spirit to stand strong for you.

The God of gods is resilient and ready to do what it takes to help you win.

It may look impossible at times, but God keeps fighting so you can reach your goal.

So don’t let go of your hopes and dreams when you are so close to making them a reality. 

Stand firm with God in the face of your challenges, and you will achieve your goal.

For those who have read the anointed words,

I release this blessing of: Victory to satisfy your every longing.

Post date 2.5.2020.  Any that need help Please - Contact us

Struggles, Hardships and Obstacles are being cleared

You will now have the freedom to move forward to obtain your goal.

The Great spirit is releasing a very high level of energy to propel you forward

You will be able to move forward and reach your goals at a much faster pace than ever before.

The God of gods encourages you to go with the flow; don’t resist it.

Make the most of this forward momentum to manifest your goals and dreams.

Let the energy of the Universe flow through you so you can get your best reward.

For those who have read the anointed words,

I release this blessing of: Victory to satisfy your every longing.

Post date 2.4.2020.  Any that need help Please - Contact us

Don't get caught unaware or unprepared for battle.

As Dark forces will always try to challenge and steal your blessings.

as always, the Great spirit supports your cause, stance and has your back.

Stand firm in your conviction of what you believe (and why), so that others do not topple you from your mountain.

You can count on the God of gods to protect and bless you with what you want.

The Great spirit will bless you with what you need, when you need it, right on time.

May the spirit be as fire that not only lights the way, but keeps you safe on your daily path.

For those who have read the anointed words,

I release this blessing of: Victory to satisfy your every longing.

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Do not let fear or guilt stand in the way of your success.

yes challenges sit on the path ahead, but take heart knowing

you now have the full support of the great spirit who will back you 100%.

The God of gods will launch a successful campaign to win the battles for you.

Embrace the power of God and the spirit will provide and satisfy your every longing.

You will gain a winning advantage and have success, victory, triumph and bright happy days.

For those who have read the anointed words,

I release this blessing of: Victory to satisfy your every longing.

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Rise above the battle, tension, and competition that is impacting your ability to move forward with your goals.

If you find yourself in this situation, this is your opportunity to rise above the chaos and disorder.

Circumstances can sink your best intentions. Despair can demolish your hope.

The key to victory is that you have the great spirit working to turn your hardships into blessings.

Instead of thrashing about in a sea of fear and doubt, Focus first on this blessing that never returns unfulfilled.

The Great spirit fights the good fight, and always completes the task of turning troubles into blessed treasures for you.
So it shall be that this blessing goes forth; and it shall not return to you void, 

but it shall accomplish what you please, and it shall prosper in the thing you need, want and desire. 

For those who have read the anointed words,

I release this Blessing: To turn troubles into blessed treasures for you.

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