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Unleashing God's power so you can obtain the blessed life you desire and deserve.If you are in need of help,

​​​Currently there is an abundance of alarm and dismay in America, in light of the Coronavirus, but have no fear. 

In dark times like these there is no better time to align yourself with a higher power to protect yourself.

Take action now to supernaturally protect yourself from harm, ruin, or loss.

Spell of protection from infection of COVID-19

i Release this anointed message and blessing for you​.

Blessing be to those who read and take heed of these words

Do not place too much value on money and material possessions. You may be attached to material things, allowing possessions to become your life. You assess your self-worth based on how much you earn, the car you drive, how expensive your home is.

But, it’s a Catch-22 because as your standard of living increases, so too will the need to work hard to generate income to sustain this kind of lifestyle, leaving you with little time to enjoy your wealth.

Honor and respect money and wealth but don’t become so attached that you lose sight of what’s most important to you: friends, family, happiness, and love. The biggest and best blessing in life is Faith, Hope & love. and

it is with them you shall prosper in all your endeavors!

​I release this Blessing to prosper you in all your endeavors.

you can be assured that God is always with you. God knows your way and loves you. 

the God of gods will come to your rescue and reestablish you. I know God will work wonders in your life. 

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Do you have a scarcity mindset, especially with love and or money?

Instead of freely giving it and enjoying a satisfying lifestyle, you choose

to hold it all in, for fear you might lose it all or someone else might hurt your feelings. 

You're being so strict that it cuts out many of life’s pleasures, including joy or peace of mind

but for what purpose? both love and money work best when they can flow and exchange, not when 

they are being stashed away. Deep down you may realize that you are foregoing your happiness

because you have sold out for an overly safe approach to life. The Great Spirit will not 

let you do without. allow yourself to behave more freely than usual and enjoy yourself.

For God goes with you to fight for you, to give you the victory.

I release this Blessing to give you the victory you desire.

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Often in life, your contributions and experience go unappreciated and under-valued.

making you feel as if your skills and capabilities are not being utilized. You may 

feel inclined to just do it all on your own. You may be right. However, you wont 

be alone, the Great Spirit is with you wherever you go. The God of gods will not 

leave or forsake you, instead and in fact; God shall bless and protect you.

I release this Blessing to swap stress for soothing success.

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Grappling with a lack of harmony will make it difficult 

to obtain your desired outcome. Discord, Chaos, and Imbalance 

lead to defeat and destruction. You need to ground yourself in 

hope, love, and peace to produce the results that you are seeking.    

The Great spirit offers systematic energy to set you free from loss.

The God of gods will use his power to produce your desired outcome.

I release this Blessing to produce your desired outcome.

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