Learn How to manifest something, anything, and everything.

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How to manifest something, anything, and everything.

All about manifestation. Want something: Love, Money, Success, Fulfillment, Happiness? You can have anything and everything if you Learn How to manifest.

Want to manifest something?

My writings, which are of divine insight given to me via Elohim, are a must-read for those who want to learn how to manifest real-life needs and wants. And so it is. As instructed via divine revelation, I will share the sacred knowledge that the Great Spirit wants you to know and teach you how to manifest the things you need and want most in this life.

To do this, The Great Spirit wants me to expose you to the End-time Revelations and hidden truths so that you can become aware of and break free from the unseen shackles that are preventing you from manifesting the things you desire.

Many can't manifest because they are living a life of unknown servitude due to the complacency illusion. This illusion blinds most to the holding pattern used to keep the masses in their place, under firm control, and too busy to even care.

Did you know that we live in a world where 1% of the population enjoys true freedom, real prosperity, and absolute power while living in their private paradise? That may be fine for those who are blind; however, it's not for me and mine.

I share these manifestation secrets to remove the blinders from the eyes of dissatisfied people who know they should be living a life without limits yet are not. I share to free those stuck in lack, loss, and poverty. I share so that "ALL" can manifest things wanted and live life to the fullest.

Therefore, as I share the manifestation teaching with you, those who know there is more and desire to obtain it, I ask that you like and share these pages with those who could use a helping hand and to those unwittingly under the influence of the complacency illusion.

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As a result of this sacred teaching, you will be able to accomplish your goals and change, improve, and enhance your life. In addition to that, you will enjoy increased self-esteem, improved communication skills, upgrades in business, career, and employment, enhanced relationships, and be freed from fear and stress. Read on, and you will be liberated.

I've been given a divine calling, a sacred mission to educate and enlighten everyone so that "all" can receive their whole portion of this life. As you learn how to manifest, you will walk in freedom, prosperity, and success and enjoy the rewards of true happiness, peace, and love. You have a divine right to live a blessed life.

This teaching is not linked to religion, yet I will use religious references from biblical text from time to time. Therefore I'm saying this now so that when you come across a biblical reference later, you won't assume you already know the point being made or think this is just going to be the same old mumbo jumbo you heard when you were a kid at Sunday school.

I bring up this point about religion because my teachings do involve some spiritual aspects. And I do not want you to miss out on the opportunity to learn how to manifest because of a lack of religious interest. Also, in case you don't know, Mainstream religion has become part of one of the many systems of control put in place to make sure you stay stuck in place.

That statement alone should shake you to your core, leaving you wanting to read more. Yet that statement will create such emotions in some that they will be deceived and refuse to continue to read. It's because invisible chains are restraining them, keeping them from learning the very truth that will set them free. And it is these invisible chains that keep the masses from being able to manifest the dream life they desire.

By invisible chains, I'm referring to mental conditioning. Let's use circus elephants as an example. Elephants can uproot trees with their trunks, and yet circus elephants never try to break free. If the elephants had the desire to break free, the circus clowns could not stop them. They do not try to break free because they were condition during their early years.

The elephant trainers systematically enforced that false belief of the invisible chain when they were younger. Years later, even though the baby elephant is now massive in size, it continues with the show because it believes it has no choice. Those invisible chains will keep that elephant in captivity for its entire life. Living a life of meaningless servitude. 

And the same applies to people. Most people, including you, have no clue that these invisible chains exist and you live in bondage. To begin manifesting the treasures you seek, we must break you free from those hidden ties that bind, so you can stop living in the unknown servitude.

If you have made it this far, you have taken your first step towards freedom and surely can learn how to manifest your desires. However, to manifest your dreams, you must be willing to free your mind from the false beliefs you have been conditioned to believe.

As I expose the hidden forms of control that have been set in place to inhibit your energy flows, peace, thought process, and divine blessings. You will become free and will be able to manifest the desires of your heart.

Before moving on, we want to kick-start the manifestation process for you. We want to help get the manifesting energy flowing for you. one of the primary things you need to begin manifesting something is energy.

Therefore it is recommended that you be appropriately charged and surrounded in and with positive energy. And we can do this with our energy channeling services. So please take a moment before you proceed to connect with a powerful energy feed via our perpetual blessing service.

Perpetual Blessing Service

Its highly recommended, but as with everything it's your choice.   

Either way - I encourage you to read on, and learn how to manifest your wishes, wants and dreams.

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