Nostradamus was like other prophets who could
divine the future. And most saw that the future
would bring mayhem, ruin, and unrest.

According to Prophecy, the end of the 20th
century would be a time of trauma and
transition. And it was.

The Prophecy also foretells an Apocalypse
or apocalyptic events would cause the 
collapse of civilization and result in the 
extinction of man in the 21st century?

Apocalypse Prophecy.

Is the Apocalypse Prophecy true?
You deserve to know the truth.

Prophetic Truth.

I will try to explain in the simplest
way possible and to do that i will need 
to break this down layer by layer.

To slice through the layer's you need
to know that all prophecies; which are
also know as Predictions, Premonition,
and Divination; are a double
edged sword.

On one side, True Premonitions are 
communicated to a prophet from our 
heavenly father. Their messages 
involve the revelation of divine will
concerning our world and
events to come.

They are meant to provide
insight to the enlightened.
They can be inspirational and
or warnings to help us avoid or
overcome troubles. They are issued
and serve our greater good.

On the other side
of the divination sword,
divine predictions are twisted
into deceptive messages used to
control and manipulate you, the 
society, our world, and events to come.

They are used to open a wide path to
enslavement. They will dump you down
to make sure you do not question
the decline of your daily life.
They are issued to ensure
bondage and control.

The complicated part comes because
most don't know how this could be
true. They don't believe that sacred
books or prophetic scripts could
be twisted.

Many have been duped by the 
mainstream religions of today
and do realize that the truth is 
that most of the divine predictions
known of today are twisted.

They are seen and believed by most, 
yet the majority are blind to the 
fact that these premonitions have 
been made corrupt for 
nefarious reasons.

For example, let's look at the 
new testaments gospels of the bible.
The main theme is mainly outlined in
the first four gospels.

They want you to accept Jesus as your
new lord and savior who will reign over
you in the New World here on earth.

It's a fact that no one knows who 
wrote the gospels we call Matthew,
Mark, Luke, and John. Look at your 
bible and it will clearly say
source unknown.

The mainstream religions never point
that out when quoting them to you as 
the gospel truth. 

so most never question it, and far more
are not aware of it. It's odd that the
one preaching it, the one you trust to
tell you the truth knows about it, 
but never speaks of it.!

They will tell you that 44, 55, or ??
Prophecies from the old testament 
were Fulfilled by Jesus,

Yet there is no way to verify even
one of them. Christian apologists 
target lay audiences with a lot of 
material claiming the Gospels are 
the eyewitness testimonies of
either Jesus' disciples
or their attendants.

Their audiences trust their preacher
and do not question their message. 
Most of those people will never think
about doing any research to see if the
messages are based on truth.

However, Most Scholars agree that the
Gospels were written Forty to Sixty
years after the death of Jesus. 

Thus they do not present eyewitness or
contemporary accounts of Jesus' 
life and teachings.

Scholars have revealed that the Gospels
are a piece of anonymous works.

They were written, in a different 
language than that of Jesus,

They were written, in distant lands, 
after a substantial gap of time from 
the time of Jesus' death,

They were written, by unknown persons, 
who compiled, redacted, and invented 
various traditions, to provide
a narrative of Christianity's central
figure—Jesus Christ.

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Prophecy of Nostradamus.

Exposing the truth about prophecy will not be an
easy task. Meaning it's a complicated subject
because it has several layers to uncover.

Explaining prophecy has been an age-old challenge
for everyone from the critic and intellectual
to the philosopher and professor.

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Nostradamus featured topics Such as Death and 
Last Judgment; Heaven and Hell; the ultimate
destiny of humankind, Armageddon, Apocalypse.

Prophecy from mystic's or prophetic messengers
like Baba Vanga, Edgar Cayce, Ray Kurzweil, 
Edward Bellamy, and Nostradamus are still 
relevant as they contain precise predictions
for the upcoming news of tomorrow.

Prophecy & Nostradamus.

The rising truth is that Nostradamus had an
exceptional blessing that allowed him to 
make amazing prophecies.

And it's a blessing we all have the
option to take advantage of,

Furthermore, the question becomes, 
if his countless predictions were right in 
regards to history,

What does that mean about the
prophecy of things to come?

There are plenty of Nostradamus prophecies
and quatrains that allude to life here in
the 21st century.

Nostradamus | Apocalypse Prophecy.

Nostradam made a prophecy saying that the twenty-first century would be a period of unrest, disasters, tragic events, and change. Was Nostradamus correct?

The end of the world, Nostradamus prophecy.

Gospel Deceptions.

New passages continuously added.
- check back daily !! 

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Nostradamus & Apocalypse.

Prophecy has played a major role in shaping
our society, especially the Apocalypse Prophecy.
It is another one of those things that can be
seen by all, yet most are blind to it.

I will shine a bright light to help you
see things hidden by the darkness.