The ABCs of Manifestation. 

A Guide to manifest.

For those wanting to learn how to manifest real-life needs and wants, this is a must-read; However, to get there, you will need to know the truth about secret control mechanisms inhibiting the manifestation process.

I will show you how the "system of things" is directly involved in twisting, disrupting, and distorting your mind, energy flows, and beliefs to interfere with and suppress your god-given innate manifestation abilities.

To teach you how to manifest the things you want most in this life. I must share the knowledge of things hidden that the Great Spirit wants you to know so that your heart, mind, and spirit can be set free.

Therefore, I will expose the truth about how this wretched system of control has its tentacles plugged into the very foundations of every platform we trust to educate, liberate and inspire us.

I also want to remind you that as you read along, you will learn intuitively. You don't need to study, memorize, or take notes. Manifestation is an innate ability. Innate abilities are traits that are present from birth.

Your manifestation abilities have always been present within you. Let's use language as an example. All humans are born with an innate ability for language - it takes place in every human being naturally.

Granted, talking takes a little practice before more than just your mother and father can understand you. Nevertheless, as you read along, you will learn intuitively. Your abilities will begin to reactivate and come alive.

Thus I say be sure to read every page. This act alone will naturally begin to trigger your capability to manifest. Embedded in the storyline will be the essential keys needed to fire up your manifesting powers.

Manifest, Manifestation and Manifesting.

​A Guide to manifest.

The ABCs of Manifestation.

So let's get started. Every platform we trust to educate, inspire and liberate does nothing but suppress and control. Principalities use every medium that "informs" people to subdue, direct and control them.

Everything from advanced technology to primary education and TV shows to Sunday school is used to indoctrinate and dominate. The indoctrination runs non-stop from the crib to the casket.

Early on, most learn their core beliefs (by core beliefs, I mean good and evil, God and Satan, etc.) from the church or a parent teaching from the bible. And those teachings will affect and stay with you your entire life.

Most of those teachings (Not that the parent, Sunday school teacher, or preacher knowingly did anything wrong but more like the blind leading the blind) formed the first and strongest links in the hidden chains that keep the masses living in their unknown life of servitude.

You know - like the elephant.

How's that, you might ask? Fear! Yep, fear is one of the top tools used to disrupt, suppress and control. And one of the oldest tools used to instill fear in society all across the globe is religion.

All religious teaching is fear-based. Think about the book of revelations. That book alone creates some of the biggest fears of modern man via the corrupt teachings of sacred revelations.

I'm not going in-depth about how, as this topic is covered in depth in the pages to come. But I will reveal age-old secret plots put in place that established the bedlem, chaos, and culture of fear witnessed today.

So what's the big deal about fear(also known as angst or dread)? It is very disruptive to your thought process and mental wellbeing, which directly inhibits, disrupts, and suppresses your manifestation ability.

Daily chaos creates angst that interferes with the mental processes that permit you to read, receive and process information, control emotions, think before acting, and act morally.

The continuous stresses of day-to-day living create dread that negatively affects your reasoning and decision-making, leaving you powerless and prone to impulsive reactions and imprudent responses.

This fear, whether a threat is real or imagined, directly affects your decision-making, behaviors, and perception. And let me not forget to mention the terrible toll it takes on your health. All that is bad enough, but even more than that, it hampers your ability to manifest a better life.

Now let me get back to religion as it uses sermons and books like revelations to ensure perpetual panic throughout the ages. Obey and comply, or else. The end is nigh. These are signs of the end times, etc.

Not only do they use scare tactics to keep the masses living in duress, but they have used self-fulfilling prophecies to not only bring to pass their plan for end-time control. But to ensure people expect it to happen.

Self-fulfilling prophecies are very similar to invoking the manifestation process. It sets predetermined goals that, when believed, prompts that goal to manifest. End-time predictions set the stage for end-time events.

Think about global pandemics. As pandemics arise, pandemics create interest among the devout and the atheist as to what the biblical text said about the end times and things like disasters and plagues.

So either way, whether people believe or disbelieve, the bottom line is that all are intrigued and channeling energy towards the same thing. And by garnering mass attention, the self-fulfilling prophecy comes to pass.

The prophecies are directed towards bringing one prophecy to fruition, and that's a one-world ruler. And this is to ensure the 1% that are at the top and in charge remain that way. 

The following statement should be a real eye-opener. It is irrelevant who wins this battle, meaning whether it be Jesus or Satan because, in the end, the winner establishes the one leader kingdom forever and ever.

It's about total control from the crib to the casket and nothing else. As it was in the beginning, it will be in the end! And the "system of things," via education, social platforms, laws, media, religion, and so forth, and so on, ensures the ruling class will continue to dictate and dominate forever.

Fear not. The evil regime has no real power over you, the manifestation process, or your ability to learn how to manifest. The corrupt authorities can only dominate you if you allow them to manipulate you. And they manipulate via deception. Thus the truth will set you free.

The more you know, the easier it becomes to recognize all the fear-mongering, and that will be a big step towards establishing the balance and inner peace you need to manifest the things you want most.

My mission is to help you master the art of manifestation. I will share all you need to know to begin manifesting your dreams, but even more, I will provide you with empowerment services to help enhance your abilities.

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Nevertheless - I encourage you to read on so that you can learn how to manifest your most wanted dreams, wishes, and desires.

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Please share your insight & or feedback. I'm writing this to be of help, so I need to know if this is helpful? Is it understandable? Also, please let me know if you think I should change something or need to add something!

The ABCs of Manifestation: Guide To Manifest.

Manifesting your dreams will dramatically improve your quality of life. And if you're willing to learn the truth, you will be free to manifest anything.

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