Prophetic Truth.

I will try to explain in the simplest
way possible and to do that i will need 
to break this down layer by layer.

To slice through the layer's you need
to know that all prophecies; which are
also know as Predictions, Premonition,
and Divination; are a double
edged sword.

On one side, True Premonitions are 
communicated to a prophet from our 
heavenly father. Their messages 
involve the revelation of divine will
concerning our world and
events to come.

They are meant to provide
insight to the enlightened.
They can be inspirational and
or warnings to help us avoid or
overcome troubles. They are issued
and serve our greater good.

On the other side
of the divination sword,
divine predictions are twisted
into deceptive messages used to
control and manipulate you, the 
society, our world, and events to come.

They are used to open a wide path to
enslavement. They will dump you down
to make sure you do not question
the decline of your daily life.
They are issued to ensure
bondage and control.

The complicated part comes because
most don't know how this could be
true. They don't believe that sacred
books or prophetic scripts could
be twisted.

Many have been duped by the 
mainstream religions of today
and do realize that the truth is 
that most of the divine predictions
known of today are twisted.

They are seen and believed by most, 
yet the majority are blind to the 
fact that these premonitions have 
been made corrupt for 
nefarious reasons.

For example, let's look at the 
new testaments gospels of the bible.
The main theme is mainly outlined in
the first four gospels.

They want you to accept Jesus as your
new lord and savior who will reign over
you in the New World here on earth.

It's a fact that no one knows who 
wrote the gospels we call Matthew,
Mark, Luke, and John. Look at your 
bible and it will clearly say
source unknown.

The mainstream religions never point
that out when quoting them to you as 
the gospel truth. 

so most never question it, and far more
are not aware of it. It's odd that the
one preaching it, the one you trust to
tell you the truth knows about it, 
but never speaks of it.!

They will tell you that 44, 55, or ??
Prophecies from the old testament 
were Fulfilled by Jesus,

Yet there is no way to verify even
one of them. Christian apologists 
target lay audiences with a lot of 
material claiming the Gospels are 
the eyewitness testimonies of
either Jesus' disciples
or their attendants.

Their audiences trust their preacher
and do not question their message. 
Most of those people will never think
about doing any research to see if the
messages are based on truth.

However, Most Scholars agree that the
Gospels were written Forty to Sixty
years after the death of Jesus. 

Thus they do not present eyewitness or
contemporary accounts of Jesus' 
life and teachings.

Scholars have revealed that the Gospels
are a piece of anonymous works.

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Prophecy from mystic's or prophetic messengers
like Baba Vanga, Edgar Cayce, Ray Kurzweil, 
Edward Bellamy, and Nostradamus are still 
relevant as they contain precise predictions
for the upcoming news of tomorrow.

Prophecy & Nostradamus.

The rising truth is that Nostradamus had an
exceptional blessing that allowed him to 
make amazing prophecies.

And it's a blessing we all have the
option to take advantage of,

Furthermore, the question becomes, 
if his countless predictions were right in 
regards to history,

What does that mean about the
prophecy of things to come?

There are plenty of Nostradamus prophecies
and quatrains that allude to life here in
the 21st century.

The end of the world, Nostradamus prophecy.

Christianity & the Roman Empire.

let's look at more ties that bind the 
gospels and Christianity to the 
roman empire.

Ever since the Christianization of the 
Roman Empire, in the fourth century AD, 
the Catholic Church has used the 
language, terminology, and structure 
of the Roman Empire.

The Latin Language was the language 
of Ancient Rome. The Catholic Church 
and its leader, based in the city of 
Rome itself with its theologians and
bishops spread in other areas that 
were ruled by the Roman Empire,

They used Latin as their first language 
of communicating and writing, as the 
language for issuing documents and, 
ultimately, as the primary and 
exclusive language used for prayer.

In the late 20th century the Vatican 
officially started allowing other 
languages to be used in the liturgy.

The relationship between Ancient 
Rome and the Vatican is deeper 
than simply the use of Latin.

The City of Rome, the center of the 
world, became the center of 
Western Christianity. 

The Roman Empire became the Model 
for its structure. The Pope, who 
resides in Rome, is also called 
the Supreme Pontiff 
(Pontifex Maximus).

The title: Pontifex Maximus can be 
seen on official Vatican Documents 
and on Church and Vatican 
buildings around Rome

(often shortened to Pont. Max.) 
was an official title used by 
the head of the college of priests 
in Ancient Rome.

Even the famous, 
and of course not-Christian, 
Julius Caesar held the title of 
Pontifex Maximus in Rome.

You can also notice the similarity of
the College of Priests of the Roman 
Empire and the Vatican College of 
Cardinals who elect the Pope.

The organizational structure of the 
Church and it's base in Città del 
Vaticano (Vatican City) is also 
built upon Ancient Roman models.

In the Roman Catholic tradition, 
territorial references are divided 
into Parishes, Dioceses, and Provinces.

These divisions and subdivisions of 
large areas, districts, and neighborhoods
which are still in use today by the 
Church, are territorial references 
used in Ancient Rome for 
secular purposes.

And as I said, Vatican City is a 
non-hereditary, elected monarchy that 
is ruled by the Bishop of Rome, the Pope.

Today, a Roman emperor (the Pope) 
controls the Christian state, 
that's twisted!

And just for the record, that was the 
prophecy was given back when the Romans were occupying Jerusalem.

That apocalyptic prognostication refers 
to the reemergence or continuous rule 
of a Roman/Graeco style system with 
modern capabilities described by 
John in ways familiar to him.

And in a broader sense, the symbolic 
interpretations do not refer to actual
people or events, but is an allegory 
of the spiritual path and the ongoing 
struggle between good and evil.

To believe or not to believe, that's
always the question. If you don't
believe me, do your research. 
The truth will set you free.

Nostradamus | Apocalypse Prophecy.

Nostradam made a prophecy saying that the twenty-first century would be a period of unrest, disasters, tragic events, and change. Was Nostradamus correct?

Religious Confusion.

According to Atwill, their primary 
purpose in creating the religion was 
to control the spread of Judaism and 
moderate its political virulence.

Furthermore, He points to the story of 
Decius Mundus told by Josephus in 
his Antiquitates of the Jews.

Decius Mundus was the name of a 
Roman. He was a man of equestrian 
rank, that seduced a noblewoman 
(Paulina) in an Isiac temple complex.

But more specifically in that story, 
the return of Mundus is a parody of
Jesus' resurrection, so it appears 
that many of the Christian faith 
have been duped.

There are many parodies to the
story of Jesus and resurrection that 
date back to the beginning of time.

These type of stories have been handed
down from the earliest of times. And 
have been mimicked by whatever rulers 
from Babylon to Egypt, and yes that 
includes the roman empire.

Its the stories told of the ruler and
how they are somehow linked to
a god or gods.

in this case, I will use Ceasar as 
an example, because I'm trying to 
expose the link between the gospels, 
Christianity and Rome.

We will discuss the various parodies of
deities that are similar to Jesus' 
story later on. 

The focus here is on the influence of 
the roman empire had on the gospels 
and the Jesus story which gave 
birth to Christianity.

Christian traditions about Jesus were
influenced by Greco-Roman religion 
and mythology.

Much of Jesus's traditional iconography
is derived from the Mediterranean
deities such as Hermes, Asclepius, 
Serapis, and Zeus.

And let's not forget about the 
traditional birthdate of Jesus on 
25 December, which was previously a
holiday in honor of the Roman 
sun god Sol Invictus.

And it's clear that Rome continues its
hold over Christianity right now. So
why look to ancient history when we
can point to its control today.

I'm also going to point out a huge fact 
that no one ever says anything about. 
Vatican City is a non-hereditary, 
elected monarchy that is ruled by 
the Bishop of Rome, the Pope.

Today, a Roman emperor (the pope) 
controls the Christian state, and 
Does no one think that's twisted?

Most Christians link the conversion of
Rome to Christianity to Emperor

In 313 AD, the Emperor Constantine 
issued the Edict of Milan, which 
accepted Christianity, and ten years
later, it became the official
religion of the Roman Empire.

Constantine was a Roman emperor who 
ruled early in the 4th century. He was 
the first Christian emperor and saw 
the empire begin to become
a Christian state.

Nevertheless, Constantine worshiped
roman gods ( not the Jewish GOD ) for
his entire life. He was not a 
Christian at all during his life.

It's has been reported that he retained
his right to sin gloriously right up
until the end. 

it was only on his death bed that he
was baptized into the Christian faith.
Waiting until your death bed to repent,
that's a snapshot of modern society.

Nostradamus & Apocalypse.

Prophecy has played a major role in shaping
our society, especially the Apocalypse Prophecy.
It is another one of those things that can be
seen by all, yet most are blind to it.

I will shine a bright light to help you
see things hidden by the darkness.

Prophecy of Nostradamus.

Exposing the truth about prophecy will not be an
easy task. Meaning it's a complicated subject
because it has several layers to uncover.

Explaining prophecy has been an age-old challenge
for everyone from the critic and intellectual
to the philosopher and professor.

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Nostradamus featured topics Such as Death and 
Last Judgment; Heaven and Hell; the ultimate
destiny of humankind, Armageddon, Apocalypse.

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Please share your insight & or feedback. I'm writing this to be of help, so I need to know if this is helpful? Is it understandable? Also, please let me know if you think I should change anything or need to add something!

Nostradamus was like other prophets who could
divine the future. And most saw that the future
would bring mayhem, ruin, and unrest.

According to Prophecy, the end of the 20th
century would be a time of trauma and
transition. And it was.

The Prophecy also foretells an Apocalypse
or apocalyptic events would cause the 
collapse of civilization and result in the 
extinction of man in the 21st century?

Apocalypse Prophecy.

Is the Apocalypse Prophecy true?
You deserve to know the truth.

Gospel Deceptions.

They were written, in a different 
language than that of Jesus,

They were written, in distant lands, 
after a substantial gap of time from 
the time of Jesus' death,

They were written, by unknown persons, 
who compiled, redacted, and invented 
various traditions, to provide
a narrative of Christianity's central
figure—Jesus Christ.

To verify the authenticity of any ancient
document scholars review the original
manuscript and the autograph 
of the writer.

However, the Gospels do not have the 
autograph manuscript (i.e., the first
manuscript written).

Only copies of those written later 
which are the very same one in the 
dead sea scrolls.

Christian apologists try to claim 
that the dead sea scrolls prove the
gospels are bonified. But the dead
sea scrolls are copies of 
the gospels that were written 
long after the death of Jesus.

​Neither the first evangelists nor their
first readers engaged in historical
analysis. Their aim was to create and
confirm the Christian faith and movement.

Here is the truth: Many of the books of
the New Testament were written by 
people who withheld their identity, 
claiming to be a famous apostle such as
Peter, Paul, or James, yet knowing full 
well, they were someone else.

In modern parlance, that is a lie. And
a book that was written by someone who 
lies about his identity is a forgery.

Christian scholars, do not want to
denigrate the cherished texts of 
Scripture by calling them forgeries 
built on lies, so they use a different
term and call such books 

Here is the definition of 
pseudepigrapha: spurious or 
pseudonymous writings, or to put 
it plainly writing or written under 
a false name, not being what it 
purports to be; false or fake.

As said above, the one preaching, the
one you trust to tell you the truth 
knows the truth, but never tells you
the truth about the gospels. 
why would that be?

At best, The Gospel narrative is a 
mutated writing of fictional history.
And It's a narrative that was most 
likely not written by anyone Jewish.

Sources have stated that story of Jesus
was crafted by Caesar and the Flavians. 
They claim that the Roman imperial 
court of Flavian emperors: Vespasian, 
Titus and Domitian wrote the 
whole Jesus story.

Was Jesus the invention of a Roman
emperor? The author of the ground
breaking book "Caesar’s Messiah"
believes he was.

The book "Caesar’s Messiah" was
written by Joseph Atwill. It reveals
the key to a new and revolutionary
understanding of Christian origins.

The clues leading to its startling 
conclusions are found in the writings
of the first-century historian
Flavius Josephus.

In his writings, Flavius Josephus 
wrote "Wars of the Jews" and that 
is one of the only historical 
chronicles of that age.

Atwill, argues that the New Testament
Gospels were written as wartime 
propaganda by scholars connected to
the Roman imperial court of the Flavian
emperors: Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian.