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Jesus, Romans & Christianity.

I'm going to give you compelling info that links 
Christianity to the roman empire. I'm going to 
point out that the roman empire created 
and controls Christianity.

Christian stories are Roman.

Most scholars of history agree that the 
similarities between the older Roman 
stories and the new Christian stories 
can not be merely coincidental.

Before Jesus, the Jewish people were 
looking for a messiah to rise and 
overthrow the Romans.

But with Jesus, the new revelation came
up to lay down your weapons, to turn 
the other cheek, to forgive and forget, 
to offer yourself up as a sacrifice 
rather than fight, etc.

It's well known that the Jewish people of
Jesus' day had a passionate desire for 
freedom from the domination of 
the pagan Romans.

In fact, turning the other check only 
helped sustain the Roman occupation 
of Jerusalem.

And they were looking for a messiah to 
rise and overthrow the Romans prior 
to the death of Jesus.

And that belief continued well after the
death of Jesus. in 132 AD – 135 AD 
was the Bar Kokhba revolt.

Simon Bar Kokhba leads a revolt against
the Roman Empire, controlling the city
for three years. He is, in fact, proclaimed
as the Messiah by Rabbi Akiva. 

Hadrian (a Roman emperor) sent his 
army to brutally crush the Bar Kokhba 
resistance, but it failed, and the Jewish 
tribes were able to retake the city.

The point is that Rome began to see that
they were no longer going to be able to 
control the world by force.

They knew the roman military machine 
was running out of gas and the end 
of that the era was coming
to an end.

The most straightforward theory for 
Rome's collapse pins the fall on a string
of military losses sustained against 
outside forces.

So to survive, 
to keep control, 
Rome had to switch tactics.

They changed from a military 
powerhouse to a powerful religious 
force and were able to maintain 
their control over the masses.

Joseph Atwill, who is the author of a
book entitled 'Caesar's Messiah: The 
Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus',

asserts that Christianity 
did not begin as a religion, 
but was actually a sophisticated 
government propaganda exercise.

I say That propaganda exercise
is still in use today.

Mr. Atwill theory is that the New 
Testament was written by first-century
Roman aristocrats and that they entirely 
fabricated the story of Jesus Christ.

Christianity may be considered a religion, 
but it was actually developed and is used 
as a system of mind control to produce 
free will slaves via this 
religious conquest.

Mr. Atwill says that acts of insurrection 
by Jewish sects, who were awaiting the
arrival of a so-called 'warrior Messiah' 
in Palestine, were a perpetual problem 
for the Roman Empire

After the Empire had exhausted all 
traditional means of dealing with the
problem they resorted to 
psychological warfare.

This type of warfare is effective.  

Many Romans suggested that the Roman 
Empire was experiencing these attacks 
from a group of Jews and Judean rebel 
factions who did not worship 
the Roman gods. 

Romans Control Christianity.

Furthermore, Jewish people continually
revolted against the Romans in Jerusalem. 
Thus the roman emperors became 
increasingly intolerant of Judaism 
and started to crack down on them.

Those who disobeyed the emperor were 
often tortured by soldiers, forced to 
fight wild animals at sporting events, 
or would be crucified.

Story of Jesus

The point is that the Romans saw the 
undeniable faith the Jewish people had
to GOD, and it was that faith that 
inevitably led to their freedom
from the Romans.

The Romans already knew how powerful 
religion could be, but the Jewish story 
and their faith provided the Romans 
with a whole new revelation.

They determined the best way to control
an uncontrollable people is via 
religion, thus the story of Jesus 
came to life.

it's been speculated that the story of 
Jesus was written by the scribes of 
Caesar for Caesar as a way to outwit 
and control future generations.

Meaning that the historical person
behind the Biblical figure Jesus Christ
is none other than. Gaius Julius Caesar.

In the short term, It was a way to 
suppress Jewish rebellions and in 
the Long term, it was a way to ensure 
a new form of control over the world.

Thus Caesar and his imperial cult began 
to develop and grow Christianity over 
the course of several generations with 
the help of the new gospels.

Caesar's new Cult of Christianity used 
the writings of Mark and Luke in the 
new gospels to gain influence 
over the people.

Luke is able to present Jesus as a 
successor to Augustus Caesar in an 
alluring way to maintain the
imperial cult following.

And the Jesus story allows Luke to 
appeal to Jewish people and 
millions of others in the 
surrounding regions.

Im not going to make a statement like 
that without providing evidence to 
support my statement.

And to be clear, I'm saying that Caesar 
and his imperial cult inspired the 
Christian movement by writing the 
new gospels so that they could 
present the story of Jesus.

An overview clearly shows that the 
creators of Christianity were copying 
and modifying old Roman stories to 
create their own literature about 
the new Jesus story.

Further evidence comes as many of the 
fabled stories told of the Emperor 
Augustus bear strong resemblances to 
stories told later about Jesus.

For example the story of the miraculous
nature of birth, life, death, and 
ascension to heaven.

Also, events surrounding the deaths of 
Romulus and Julius Caesar bear a 
striking resemblance to later Christian
stories surrounding Jesus' death.

And last but not least, let's look at
the title shared by both
Caesar & Jesus.

The Son of God was Caesar's title
long before the story of Jesus
was created.

Of course, the fabled stories and title
used to describe the roman Emperor
Caesar is taken from ancient stories
far before his time.

So the Romans were well adapted to
rewriting history to declare their own
connections to the deities and would
have no issues with writing a new
best seller - the New testament.

Bar Kokhba Revolt.

In 132 AD – 135 AD was the Bar Kokhba
revolt. Simon Bar Kokhba leads a 
revolt against the Roman Empire, 
controlling the city for three years.
The Jewish people were free again.

Christianity: wolf in sheep clothing.

They surmised that the way to stop the
spread of zealous Jewish missionary
activity was to create a competing
belief system.

That's when the 'peaceful' 
Messiah story was invented.
The Jesus story.

Instead of inspiring warfare, 
this Messiah urged turn-the-other-cheek, 
pacifism and encouraged Jews to 
'give onto Caesar' and pay their 
taxes to Rome.

Mr. Atwill continues: 
Although Christianity can be a comfort 
to some, it can also be very damaging 
and repressive, an insidious form of 
mind control that has led to blind 
acceptance of serfdom, poverty, and 
war throughout history.

Mr. Atwill sums up my point all too well. 
Thank you, Mr. Atwill.

Now back to the point I was making
about how the Roman empire forged the 
gospels and the story of Jesus to 
launch Christianity.

Christianity did not take over the 
roman empire, Again ever heard the 
phrase: a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Lets' fast forward to current times 
and that wolf in sheep's clothing could 
be the leader of the Vatican city.

Today, the pope is considered one of the 
world's most powerful people because of 
his extensive diplomatic, cultural, and 
spiritual influence on 1.3 billion 
Catholics and beyond. 

Also, because he is the head of the 
world's most powerful government and 
is the world's largest provider of 
education and health care, along with
an avast network of charities. 

Vatican City is governed as an absolute 
monarchy with the pope at its head. The
Vatican mints its own euros, prints its 
own stamps, issues passports, license 
plates and operates media outlets and 
has its own flag and anthem. 

The pope is answerable to no human
power. He has absolute authority over
the entire Roman Catholic Church, 
direct authority that reaches down 
to individual members.

​The papal title.

Where does the Papal title 
Pontifex Maximus come from?

The Papal title Pontifex Maximus can be 
traced back in different forms to 
Ancient Mesopotamia, most notably
the ancient Chaldeans, aka 
Assyrians / Babylonians.

Mesopotamian religion was polytheistic, 
worshipping over 2,100 different deities, 
many of which were associated with a 
specific state within Mesopotamia.

Mesopotamian states such as Sumer, 
Akkad, Assyria or Babylonia, or a 
specific Mesopotamian city, such as;
(Ashur), Nineveh, Ur, Nippur, Arbela, 
Harran, Uruk, Ebla, Kish, Eridu, 
Isin, and so forth.

Ancient Mesopotamia is known as the
cradle of civilization. The first cities
and empires were formed there.

​It was a very volatile period with many 
kingdoms rising and falling.

Power changed hands many times 
throughout the ancient history 
of this area.

The Messiah.

He, is in fact, proclaimed as the Messiah 
by Rabbi Akiva. Akiva also gave him the 
title Bar Kokhba (“Son of the Star”). Bar 
Kokhba reveals how the romans were having
troubles dealing with ongoing revolts.

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Christianity & Roman Empire.

Christianity did not take over the 
roman empire. Ever heard the phrase: 
a wolf in sheep's clothing? 

So how did this come to pass?

At first, the Romans did not mind that 
Jewish people did not worship Roman
gods. But over the next two hundred 
years or so, barbarian warriors kept 
attacking the empire.

Catholic Church + Sexual Abuse.

Ancient Mesopotamia went from Sumer 
to the Akkadians to the Babylonians to 
the Assyrians back to the Babylonians 
back to the Assyrians and finally 
to the Persians.

When Medo-Persia conquered Babylon, 
the Babylonian religion, which was 
greatly influenced by their Sumerian
counterparts were maintained.

But after a revolt of the priesthood, 
the priests of Babylon were driven out 
of Medo-Persia, and established 
themselves at Pergamum, taking with 
them their titles and vestures.

The last pontiff king of Pergamum was 
Attalus III, who bequeathed his title 
to the emperor of Rome in 133 BC.

In the fourth century AD, Christian 
emperor Gratian refused the title, 
but in the year 431 AD, the title
was taken over by Damascus, 
bishop of Rome.

The present-day College of cardinals 
with the Pope at the head is 
identical to the Babylonian 
priesthood at Pergamum with the 
Pontifex Maximus at the head.

As it was then, it is now. 
It's kind of weird that the pope's
title comes from a source that worshiped
or believed in multiple deities. That is
the opposite of monotheism, which
is the belief in one god. Hmmm?

The pope's proper title, according to 
the Vatican's website is Bishop of Rome, 
Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of the 
Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff 
of the Universal Church.

Nevertheless, the papacy continues
to grow, trying to become the one
global religious leader. That fact alone
should send shivers down your spine.

But I'm not done yet; let me shine a 
light on the things they really don't
want you to know about.

The keys that the Pope wears around his
neck is not the keys of Peter. Rather, 
they date back from Babylonian times, 
when it was supposed that one wearing 
the keys were considered as a God who 
had the power to unlock heaven or hell.

Sexual abuse. 
The Catholic Church sexual abuse cases 
are cases of child sexual abuse by 
Catholic priests, nuns, and members of 
religious orders. In the 20th and 21st 
centuries, the cases have involved many 
allegations, investigations, trials, 
convictions, and revelations about 
decades of attempts by Church officials 
to cover up reported incidents.

The abused include mostly boys but also 
girls, some as young as three years old, 
with the majority between the ages of 11 
and Criminal cases, for the most part, do 
not cover sexual harassment of adults.

The accusations of abuse and cover-ups 
began to receive public attention 
during the late 1980s. Many of these 
cases allege decades of abuse, 
frequently made by adults or older 
youths years after the abuse occurred.

Cases have also been brought against 
members of the Catholic hierarchy who 
covered up sex abuse allegations and 
moved abusive priests to other parishes, 
where the abuse continued.

New passages continuously added.

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Jesus, Romans & Christianity Story. Info about the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing known as Catholic Church, and how the Roman Empire controls Christianity with the Story of Jesus.