Evil has corrupted Christianity.

Does Religion control society?

The best way to control a society is
via religion. When your core beliefs
are rooted in deception, you will never
be able to see the truth.

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Christianity Corrupted Society.

Nefarious forces have corrupted Main 
Stream religion to control and enslave
humanity. The Mass majority of society
are not even aware they are
living in bondage.

This evil religious conquest has duped 
many people and they are now seeing 
these dark days through rose-colored 
glasses. A world in chaos is the
new norm for them.

Religions on corrupt religious conquest. The Catholic church, Christianity, and Vatican are evil. Nefarious deception society.

The Corrupted Church.

From here, I shall continue my writings
from the previous page. I was discussing
the wolf in sheep clothing, also known
as the Pope and the Catholic Church.

I was shining a light on the things that
they don't want you to know about. Like
how the papal title 'Pontifex Maximus',
is actually a pagan title.

I also began exposing the corruption 
that takes place within this so-called 
religion of goodness and righteousness.

The atrocities committed within the
papacy include theft, cruelty, murder, 
fornication, adultery, incest, and
sexual abuse. And the list goes on.

The Catholic Church is an almost unique 
institution, one that shuns homosexuality 
but has so many gay priests. We have 
no reliable figures on just how many 
priests in the Catholic Church are gay.

The Vatican has conducted many studies 
on its own clergy but never on this 
subject. In the United States, 
however, where there are 37,000 
priests, independent studies have 
found that up to 60 percent 
may be gay.

The collapse of the closet in public and 
private life in the past three decades 
has made the disproportionate 
homosexuality of the Catholic priesthood 
much harder to hide, ignore, or deny.

This cultural and moral shift has not 
only changed the consciousness of most 
American Catholics (67 percent of whom 
support civil marriage for gay couples) 
and gay priests (many of whom are close 
to quitting) but also broken the
silence that long shrouded the subject.

There is gay culture, not only
among the clergy but even within the
hierarchy. The preponderance of gay men
in the priesthood is, in fact, nothing
new in the history of the church. For
well over a millennium, it has
been commonplace.

Money laundering.
The Vatican's ultra-secretive culture 
and dubious financial dealings have 
frequently mired it in a scandal. The
Vatican is notorious for using the 
IOR to launder money for organizations 
with violent criminal backgrounds. 

During Calvi's tenure, he set up a 
network to move the bank, and therefore 
the Vatican's funds, into illegal 
offshore accounts The Vatican maintains 
financial institutions in the Cayman 
and Turks and Caicos islands, both 
havens for offshore tax shelters and 
other dubious activities. 

It was once reported that the pope's 
Cayman facility has clients which 
"include German arms dealers and 
criminal elements. Additionally, The
Vatican has concordats or treaties, 
with over 200 countries that "can 
ensure that the finances of the 
Church is kept secret.

Within each diocese 
are innumerable parishes, charities 
and other Catholic agencies with bank 
accounts. For example, American 
bishops control approximately 40,000 
affiliated organizations.

So be forewarned. The next pope who 
claims he is "reforming" the Church 
without full disclosure of his global 
assets, verified by an outside forensic 
accountant is a liar.

Not to mention still darker crimes, 
have all been notoriously committed by 
the supreme rulers of Christendom, who 
sat in the seat of infallibility, and 
claimed universal jurisdiction over 
the thoughts and consciences 
of humanity.

And it goes on and on, 
so I will leave it there.

The Faith is based upon a mythical 
version of a man named Jesus. And the
only evidence that Jesus was a real 
person comes from one written transcript 
that declares him as a martyr, which was 
the fate of all those who taught about 
our heavenly father.

Vatican on Religious Conquest.

As a servant of the Great Spirit, my main 
priority is to help you see through the 
mirage and escape the troubles, the 
poverty, and current hardships.

Evil Religious Conquest.

The vital point that I'm trying to 
reveal is not to bash Christianity, but 
to expose the fact that evil itself is 
trying to lead people away from 
connecting to our heavenly father.

As an American, 
Christianity is the religion I grew 
up with. And because of that and my 
personal knowledge of Christianity, 
I can use it to open your eyes to how 
religion has become corrupted by evil.

There are 12 major religions 
in the world as 01.01.2021. They include 
Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, 
Sikhism, Taoism, Judaism, Confucianism, Bahá'í, Shinto, Jainism, 
and Zoroastrianism.

I did not grow up in any of the other 
11 world religions. I have had the 
chance to explore most of them but 
I do not possess enough knowledge of them to provide you with the proper 
insight to point out how they have 
been corrupted as I can 
with Christianity.

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