Core Beliefs & Misinformation.

Conspiracy theories & misinformation are also
being called global pandemics. This Crisis of
Misinformation is a danger to health and will
become a threat to our freedom of expression.

Bad actors, trolls, and opportunists will
always try to infect the web with rumors, 
myths, and lies. And others will reshare
them in a genuine desire to help others. 

Beliefs and Choice.

Conspiracy theories, misinformation,
and the dumbing down of society are 
linked together to blur your vision, 
to confuse you, to make you question
your identity and core beliefs.

your beliefs, behaviors, and perceptions
are being molded and shaped every day
by forces that you either don't know
of and or believe they exist.

All this chaos, from covid-19 to 
conspiracy theories and misinformation,
fear and panic, the attack on your
identity and self-worth, to the dumbing
down of society is no accident.

All this adversity, anguish, chaos,
All this adversity, anguish, chaos,
difficulty, hardship, misery, misfortune,
& mayhem are part of a scheme crafted
long ago by an angel called Lucifer.

Which brings us back to beliefs. Is
Covid real? Is there good and evil?
is Satan trying to
dictate your fate.

To believe or not to believe,
that is the question.

Not only is it the question, 
but it's your choice.

It's your choice, and your choice is
based off of your beliefs. Belief is 
a slippery slope that shapes your 
choice for better or worse.

But what is a belief? 
a belief is an opinion, and they are
generally formed in two ways: by our 
experiences, inferences and deductions,
or by accepting what others tell
us to be true.

Most core beliefs (opinions) are formed
when we are children. A positive and
a healthy culture can produce positive
core beliefs and create an overall
positive, healthy, and happy society.

The bad news for us is that our culture
has been declining for quite a while now.
There has been a steady increase in
violent crime; murder; and rape.

Adultery; Illegitimate births; 
divorce rates; kids living in 
single-parent homes; teenage
suicide; are drug addiction
rates are rising.

And let's not forget the dumbing down
of our society that has led to a massive
drop in SAT scores. This decline has 
created a new dark culture 
with twisted values.

So it's safe to say that nowadays
whatever one believes, no matter how
horrible, could be considered "good"!

And since we tend to surround ourselves
with like-minded people, this trend 
grows until it shapes society and
ultimately our reality. 

This is why the world is starting to
appear dark and twisted. It's no
accident. It's by design. 

By controlling the resources of the
world, Satan and his minions have been 
shaping society's core beliefs for ages
and has created this chaotic state.

It's important to understand the point
I'm making. Yes, we all have free will,
but by twisting Good & Evil,

Your free will may be irrelevant.

For clarity sakes, I'm want to use the
sliding scale as an example. Let's say 
the highest score on a test is 40 out of
100. The 40 is considered to be a 100.

It's like a sliding scale lets say the
highest score on a test is 40 out of
100. That 40 is then considered
to be a 100.

If I'm unaware that a sliding scale is
being used, then I believe I'm doing
great when I get a 40. But in reality,
it's just not true. It's twisted, and it
will affect every other decision
made by that person.

​​It is evident that the villainous ones seek
to drag both intelligence and morality down
to their own wickedly corrupt level.

Amid the greatest pandemic of this 
century, college kids are romping on
the beaches, demonstrators are taking
to the streets in violent protest.

Revelations of Society.

Is this a society that's gone mad
and plunging toward its own destruction? 
Certainly, the signs seem to be there.

The impact of the coronavirus brings us
dramatic proof that critical thinking and
decision making has hit an all-time low.

People debate whether the virus is real and 
if they should wear a mask. However The 
coronavirus pandemic is not the only thing
spreading from person to person and 
causing sickness and death.

Revelation: Apocalypse Prophecy. Learn about signs of the times, the end of the world, and How to Manifest Abundance during end times.

Revelations: Belief, Identity & Society.

Revelations that the dumbing down of society continues.

We crumble under the weight of material pressure in a universe of illusion, life becomes disheveled, while our minds are being dumbed down and our willpower crippled.

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Recapping Revelations.

Whatever passing pleasures come with 
sin, they are just that—passing. Great
and accumulated suffering eventually 
comes from almost all sinful activity.

Yet despite this experience, we humans
remain very gullible; we seem to love
empty promises and put all sorts of
false hopes in them.

The corrupt alliance also deceives us by
suggesting all sorts of complexities, 
especially in our thinking.

He seeks to confuse us and conceal the
fundamental truth about our actions. 
Our minds are very wily and love to 
indulge complexity as a way of 
avoiding the truth and making excuses.

So we, conspire with the devil when we
entertain endless complications by
asking, “But what if this? And what 
about that?”

Along with the devil, we project all
sorts of possible difficulties, 
exceptions, or potential sob stories
in order to avoid insisting that we 
live according to the truth.

Deception is used to blur your vision,
confuse you, and make you question your
identity and core beliefs.

This is how he is able to blind you 
while making you think you can
clearly see.

Do not believe everything you think, 
read, or hear. And while we ought not
be cynical, we ought to be sober.

We should seek to verify what we see,
hear, and read to square it with
the sacred truth.

The wicked mastermind is 
the master of deception.

The devil was a murderer from the
beginning and does not stand in the
truth because there is no truth in him.

When he lies, he speaks according to his
own nature. He is a liar and the
father of lies.

I'm more than happy to provide Revelations for the various ways lucifer works against us. It would do you well to learn them so that you can recognize the pitfalls and avoid much suffering.

A quick recap ( New Revelations )
Since the day you were born, Unseen 
forces have been trying to shape 
your core beliefs.

This has been done via education,
religion, media, misinformation, and
a massive dumbing down program to 
diminish your critical thought process.

How is this possible?
More Revelations - Let's go back to 
something I briefly mentioned earlier.

The 1% ers. Do you know about the
1% ers? And I'm not talking about the
outlaw motorcycle clubs used as the
perfect cover story.

No, I'm talking about the 1% of the 
population that has 99% of all the
money in the world.

If you don't know that the richest 1%
has as much wealth as the rest of the
world combined, Google it!

If you do know about it, how are you 
able to accept it without it 
driving you crazy?

Too many people live life in a 
comfortable little bubble and are
not aware of how much their lives
are being controlled.

I wonder if there was a mystic or 
prophetic messenger from long ago who
predicted things would turn out like this?

Did the world's most famous 16th-century
prophet and mystic, Nostradamus, once 
predict that society would become
corrupt and blind to poverty?​

The dumbing down of society leads directly to Low Cognitive Ability that can alter one's belief and Identity.

I must say kudos to those who have not allowed
the distractions of this dark world to divert
your attention.

I know it's easier said than done. But I promise
that if you continue, you will be able to break
free from lack, loss, and misfortune.

Let's continue the discussion about the dumbing
down of our populace and how it is taking
a toll on society.

My revelations point out many of the ways that
the devil and his puppets have been secretly
pulling strings to deliberately dumb down
members of society for a long time.

The phrase dumbing down describes the plan
being used to lower your intelligence, IQ 
and critical thinking skills.

For many years, Satan and his demons have been
able to unleash government-back programs and
secret experiments like social engineering on 
our children to consistently lower
the bar and standards. 

This produces young adults who can
not comprehend what they read, nor write
comprehensively, nor think for themselves 
in any critical manner. (True Revelations)

Deception of Satan.

It is your choice to read on or not.
Satan will do his best to discourage
you. I will do my best to encourage
you. So please continue to read.

Also, please don't let words like 
Satan, Revelations, or bible phrases
diminish your interest.

They are the names and references
I need to use because most people
can identify with them.

As I mentioned earlier, This is not a
bible lesson. I'm not trying to
convert you.

My goal is to enlighten you.

I will open your eyes so that you can
clearly see the things that have been
keeping you from finding true 
fulfillment and having the 
life you desire.

The major battle we face in this life
is not what is seen, but what is
not seen. 

Not what is known, but what is unknown.
Like the example of habits that
I used earlier.

Often people act, behave or say things
without even realizing it. They don't
even question it unless someone says
something about it.

And that's what I'm doing. I want to 
make sure you're aware of what you're
doing and not doing.

I want to make you aware of what Satan
and those aligned with him don't
want you aware of.

Satan and the 1%'ers are intensely and
intentionally opposed to you learning
about the sacred blessing you
are entitled to.

True Love, Happiness, Freedom, Wealth,
and Good Health belongs to all. 
Not just the 1%.

To become aware of what is and is not is
a step towards enlightenment. The first
thing you need to be conscious of is that
the devil, or should I say the ruling
party is your enemy.

Well, actually, you are his enemy.

He hates us because we are divine
beings, created in the image of a
supreme being. We are blessed with 
godly abilities and gifts.

He has done a spectacular job of fogging
up our minds so that most are unaware
that they have these sublime assets,
capabilities, and connections.

And he is determined to keep it that way.
It is why our society has become the way
it is and will continue to decline.

The last thing he wants is an educated,
empowered society mobilizing any type of
local movement to challenge the tyranny
of his shadow governments.

Conspiracy theories, Misinformation, and
the dumbing down of our society is
all linked together.

Yes, the evil empire deceives us through
sheer volume of information. Information
is not the same as truth.

Data can be assembled very craftily to
make deceptive points. Further, certain
facts and figures can be emphasized to
the exclusion of other balancing truths.

And thus even information that is true
in itself can become a form
of deception.

The news media sometimes exercise
their greatest power in what they do
not report. 
And this, too, is a way
that they bring deceptions upon us.

The wicked federation deceives us with
false and empty promises. Most of these
relate to the lie that we will be happier
and more fulfilled if we sin or deny 
aspects of the truth.

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Choice or Habits.

Even as I am shinning this light in the
darkness, most will never see it. Not
because they don't want to, but their 
belief system will keep
them in the dark.

The point that I'm trying to make is
that most people have no idea that
their thought process has become jaded. 

Most are not aware that they are victims
of the dumbing down process. Even as 
they read this truth, they miss it.

This is a primary reason my teachings
cant be wrapped up in a few short

I'm trying to free the mind,
even for those who think their
mind is clear and free.

You need to realize that you have had a
lifetime of false teachings and just
assuming your mind is clear and free is
a critical mistake and could mean you
are being deceived. 

A classic sign that your mind has been
jaded is the inability to finish
what you start. 

Being under a dark influence is also a
primary reason for dreams remaining
unfulfilled or having everything
except happiness.

Satan will do anything they can
to distract you. So whatever you do, 
please do not stop reading this.

​I'm asking you to take a closer look.
The odds are that you have many 
hidden habits, tendencies, and other
things that your totally unaware of.

Did you know that about 40%
of your daily actions are automatic? 
This serves us in good and bad ways.

Imagine having to remind yourself to
breath. Yes, breathing. Breathing is
the only vital function that is under
voluntary control as well as
reflexive control.

I'm just pointing out that conditioning
can affect every aspect of your lives
and just like breathing, the habit can
be done without you ever knowing
or thinking about it.

Some may have bad breathing habits.
However, the habit of breathing is a
good one. But other habits can
cause chaos in our lives.

Here are just a few habits that most
are simply unaware of. Letting the past
dictate your present and your future.
Expecting the worst to happen. Not
following through on what you say.

I'm sure we will talk more about hidden
habits along with Self-destructive
tendencies in more detail later.

As for now, I'm just trying to make it
clear that it's possible to do things
that you're unaware of.

And for those who think their mind is
clear and free, i know you may have 
every intention to continue reading.

But I also know that Satan will
do whatever it takes to divert your
attention. Believe it or not!

Whether you realize it or not, this
truth has already begun the process
of setting you free.

Stopping now could lead to misfortune,
bad luck, or a string of unfortunate
events. Don't allow satanic forces to
dictate your destiny.

Let's compare reading this to taking an
antibiotic for an infection. Failure to
take the full course of antibiotics, as
prescribed, can result in the spread of
antibiotic-resistant properties that
tend to make things much worse. 

Failure to read the whole course, as 
prescribed, can result in bad things
happening that tend to make your 
condition much worse. 

Fear & Identity issues.

Spreading misinformation only helps to increase
the fear and panic it was intended to cause.
Panic and fear can create psychological 
problems that lead to identity issues.

A sense of identity is essential to your well
being. fear can be detrimental to one's 
identity and can lead to depression, 
hopelessness, addiction, and more.