Wiccan Sabbat / Pagan Holiday

Wiccan and Pagan Spells 

The Wiccan and Pagan practices are quite powerful. 

These spell workings have a unique connection or link to the Greater Universe and the world we inhabit, as well as the Inner Universe within each of us.

It has a supernatural connection to and power over many of the earthly elements which enhances its amazing ability to produce tangible results in this realm that we live in  

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Calendar of Events: Spell Casting Dates

Holidays, festivals & seasonal events are super charged with energy. There is no other time that energy is so highly charged. Spells are driven with energy. The higher energy level when a spell is cast, the more effective a spell will be.

Festival spells

Why cast during an Event / holiday?

Equinox and solstice castings

The Equinox and or solstice refers to the most powerful periods of the year.   

Our Equinox and solstice rituals used in these spell casting sessions are extremely powerful. It's also a great time to work with divine agents, who will make a huge impact on your target as they deliver your super powered spell.

Get what you want with the assistance of the great spirit, angels, saints, masters & other spirit guides. 

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Celestial spells 

Celestial Magic has a long history of producing the most potent and effective spells ever cast.

Its the use of astronomical and planetary energies for Magick in relation to heavenly or cosmic events and the movements, phases or timing of celestial bodies.

Its the calling forth of the limitless potential and releasing divine energy of the sun, moon, stars, planets, luminaries and other objects and phenomena to obtain your wish.

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