The Best spells to do are cast during a Lunar Eclipse.

The Best spells to do are cast during a Lunar Eclipse. 

Lunar Eclipse spells are all about getting real result.

Lunar eclipse spells are Super potent.

Best Spells to do during lunar eclipse.

Tibetan Buddhists give credence to the fact that spells cast during the lunar eclipse, are magnified ten-fold.

The vitality a.k.a. energy level during a lunar eclipse is exceptionally strong. The moon encapsulates the power of each moon stage during the eclipse. Which means that a lunar eclipse is one of the best time to cast your spells.

Lunar eclipses are super charged with potent lunar energies and are perfect for spell casting.

Spells and the Law of Attraction are both driven with energy. This makes this event is a win - win for you.

Spells cast during lunar eclipse.

The overshadowing of the moon intensifies the power of Spells providing you the best opportunity to get results.

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All spell work is intensified by additional energy during a Lunar Eclipse which makes your spells super effective.
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lunar eclipse spells

all spellwork cast during a Lunar Eclipse is intensified creating additional energy to make your spells more effective.

Lunar Eclipse spell casting Calendar

Best Spells to do during lunar eclipse. 

Intranquility spell

Return lover

Attract soulmate

Fix Relationship Problems

Stop Petty Fighting 

Stop arguing

Stop cheating

Get rid of love rival​

Curse \ Revenge

Good luck

Attract wealth

Get out of debt

Win lottery

Career / Get job 

Get rid of co worker

We cast the best Spells during the Lunar Eclipse

Eclipse Magic is considered one of the most powerful ways to cast spells.

lunar eclipse: Facts, Meaning & Understanding

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon and a lunar eclipse can only occur on a Full Moon, 

During a lunar eclipse, Miraculous changes are ever ready to manifest themselves for you.

We have the the knowledge and willpower to proclaim:

“We are ready and perfectly prepared to unleash the change you seek and are sure the Great spirit will make it happen”.

A lunar eclipse is the perfect timing to embrace and or erase the past.

Not only is the awesome power of the great spirit in action,

but also the entire legion of allies: angels, fairies and lesser Gods that will help you in your quest to obtain your wish

and the time of the lunar eclipse is perfect for that as it will allow us to contact ‘other worlds” and “other states of being”. 

Spell casting during a lunar eclipse

We are very well versed and ever so prepared to cast your spell during this lunar eclipse.

Natural powers run loose that we can take advantage of to ground spells so the outcome is quite easy to predict.

It takes both a disciplined and experienced spell caster to harvest the power of the eclipse magic & we have been doing it for ages.

We use contemplation and meditation on what we have experienced so far in our life.

In addition to that, We honor the Great spirit, all the lesser Gods and beings of other worlds.

To take it one step further we initiate contact with the Divine Forces.

Take Fairies as an example, as they are one the beings that we have lots of experience working with.

During an eclipse, we are able to establish connection with Fairies ( and other supernatural entities ) for you

This empower the manifestation process of your wish, want, need, request and desires.

and yes, Miraculous changes are ever ready to manifest themselves for you during this time.

My Lunar eclipse proclamation to you:

My name is Shiloh. In Hebrew the meaning of my name, Shiloh is: The one to whom blessings belongs.

In the sacred word Shiloh is a prophetic name for the Messiah; not a god, but one anointed by god to unleash blessings in this world.

The Biblical meaning of my name Shiloh is: One who delivers Peace & abundance.

And I am your ally, Love brought me here, love is all I feel, and this love will unlock unlimited power to help you obtain your goal.

I shall open the door of opportunity for you to receive your wish.

Me and you, we are kith and kin,

The great spirit shall be with and within and shall become a guide and true power for us,both you and me. 

That’s my decree between you and me, And I claim it to be true and good, so mote it be and so be it.

You’re approaching a life changing metamorphosis but are completely oblivious of the signs.

Here are several signs that changes are coming.

* There may be the recurrence of something in your life; 

it keeps popping up. It may be advice that a friend told you, but reappears in other forms, or a dream that’s on repeat.

* you may feel in your heart a feeling of right, if so it will persist for 3 nights. 

* Revelations will come to light and reveal what you may have overlooked or what was in your face all along. an eye-opener. 

These are just a few of the signs that your wish is in the process of manifesting for you.

you dont have to see any signs, you may just see the results !!   

Smile - You just made real contact with me, the ultimate changer of destinies and the sealer of fates.

Place you order now, & your journey Shall begin even before this lunar Eclipse takes place.

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List of spell for the Lunar Eclipse

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