Ancient Greek Astronomers.

The first was that of the shroud of 3 May 1375 BCE, 
which was noticeable in the city of Ugarit (situated
in the present Syrian Middle Easterner Republic).

Another absolute obscuration "that transformed 
the day into night" was discovered to be the 
shroud of 31 July 1036 BCE. 

The third is an Assyrian record of the sun-powered
obscuration of 15 June 763 BCE that was seen 
in the city of Ninevah.

Babylonian cosmologists are credited with having 
found the 223-month time frame for lunar shrouds, 
most presumably utilizing the Lunar 
Overshadowing records.

"On the off chance that the sun-star at its rising 
resembles a bow and wears a crown like a moon: 
the lord will catch his foe's property: underhanded 
will leave the land, and (the land) will 
encounter great prosperity."

That Alludes to a sun oriented overshadowing of 
27 May 669 BC. Rasil the More established,
Babylonian Recorder to the Lord.

Ancient Greece.

The ancient Greek astronomers also kept records
of the eclipses. Aristarchus (ca. 320-250 BCE) 
made a rough estimate of the lunar diameter 
and proposed the first known heliocentric 
model of the Universe.

In this model, the Sun, not the Earth, is at the
center of the Universe. Hipparchus (190-120 BCE)
compiled the first-star catalog.

The ancient Greek astronomers had also a great
knowledge of eclipses. A fragment of a lost poem
by the Greek poet Archilochus (ca. 680–645 BCE), 
suggest observation of a total occultation
of the sun.

Spells cast during a Solar Eclipse have a very
powerful influence over the things that matter
most: Love, Money, Power & Success.

Having your spell cast during an event like this 
triggers the favorable circumstances needed to 
bring about the results that
you are seeking.

List-of- Spells

Solar Eclipse Spells. 

Solar Eclipse Spells cast as the Moon silhouette's the Sun. Harness this magic Solar Energy to eclipse lack and loss. 

Stargazers Recorded.

They have been unequivocally dated, and it 
creates the impression that a few stargazers 
perceived the celestial fireball's departure 
as a normally happening wonder.

From the Chou administration, 36 of these vast
occasion perceptions are recorded in the
Ch'un-ch'i starting around 720 BC.

The Piao and the Shih-chi archives allude to nine 
sun based obscurations from the Fighting 
States time frame.

Ancient Egypt. 
Our comprehension of antiquated Egyptian
civilization's information on stargazing comes
to us from burial place canvases, sanctuary
engravings, and a couple of papyrus archives.

The most seasoned illustration of a sundial is 
Egyptian from around 1500 BC. The awesome 
mysterious roof of Senmut painted around 1460 
BC incorporates heavenly items,

for example, Sirius, Orion, and four planets 
Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. The most 
seasoned known duplicates of a chronological 
registry are dated to 1220 BC at the hour of 
Ramses the Incomparable.

In 1100 BC Amenhope stated, "List of the Universe" 
which distinguishes the major known 
groups of stars.

The Vienna papyrus that portrays the lunar and 
firey star oriented shrouds and their omen was 
most likely duplicated in the late second century 
AD and present information on space science that
is viewed as Babylonian in nature.

Babylon and Sumeria.

Space science thrived in Mesopotamia 
(present-day Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, and Israel)
lying in the plain between the streams Tigris and 
The Euphrates, around 4thmillennium BC.

The Babylonian stargazers noticed the movements
of the Sun, Moon, and planets cautiously and 
tracked the heavenly occasions.

They are additionally credited with astounding
contributions to antiquated stargazing. Three
significant fire orb oriented shrouds were
recorded in Mesopotamia.

Spell List 

Solar Eclipse Spell Casting service. Spells cast during the Solar Eclipse.

Trigger Favorable Circumstances.

During an occasion like this, the
entire universe will be focused
on transformation.

Eclipses help you align with your 
highest self and this can bring
A very vibrant life!

keep in mind that Eclipses are known
to trigger favorable circumstances
necessary for the life changes to 
bring about the results that
you are seeking.

What do you really want to manifest, 
experience, and or create in your
life? It's time to Dream Big!
It's time to order your spell.

​This is the perfect time to cast your
spell to plant your seeds of intention, 
and really get in sync with the spiral
of creation to get the things
you want most.

Great for casting new spells to 
manifest a wish and Perfect for 
booster spells to overcome and 
deliver results for stalled want 
from a previous casting.


Event History.

Having your spell cast during an event
such as a Solar-Eclipse will quadruple
the odds of manifesting the 
results you desire.

This type of fiery occultation, (when 
One celestial body obscures another) 
has been considered to be sacred 
throughout history.

They were viewed as significant enough
to be recorded in annals and on 
"prophet" bones – bits of creature 
bones and turtle shells that were 
presumably utilized for divination.

Prophet bones hail from the Shang 
tradition (c. 1600 - 1050 BC) and 
make numerous references to 
sunlight based obscurations.

The shroud records are frequently 
deficient, in any case, and the 
dating of the bones aren't solid.

Records of the departure of the fire
star can be found from the Chou 
tradition and Fighting States period
(c. 1050-221 BC), and ahead. 


Obtain What You Need .

A Solar-Eclipses acts like energetic
gateways, allowing a higher frequency
to reach us that can be used your
spell in miraculous ways.

Its the right time for obtaining 
whatever you need, desire, or wish for. ​
These potent Spells provide very high
energy, which triples your odds of
manifesting the results you desire. 

These ​Spells have some of the highest
success rates. This is one of the best
options to receive the results for 
"Must Have" wants, scenarios, 
situations, and wishes.

The manifesting energy present is
beyond the grasp of the physical 
realm; It's the field only accessible
through true magic.

​The higher the energy level is when a
spell is cast, the more effective 
that spell will be.

​Spells cast during Events like this 
have the highest success rates out of
all other spell castings event.


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Solar Eclipse Spells.
Solar Eclipse Spells cast as the Moon silhouette's the Sun. Eliminate lack and loss with Spells for Solar Eclipse.
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High Success Rates.

Incantation during a Solar Eclipse 
influences things that matter most:
Love, Money, Power & Success.

A Solar-Eclipse occurs on the New Moon, 
whereby the Moon moves between the 
Earth and Sun, obscuring Earth’s 
view of the Sun.

The Sun, Moon & Earth are in a straight
line. During this alignment, the
spiritual and manifesting energy
potential is at its peak.

We can use this power to help you 
make quantum leaps in your quest 
to get the things you want.

A Solar Eclipse can create a real 
opportunity to improve and 
enrich your life.

This solar power has Astounding might. 
It provides a profound opportunity to
better your life.

​These potent Spells are ever ready to
change your life in profound ways. Get
the thing that matters most to you.


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Solar Eclipse Spells that work.

Solar Eclipse spells can get you the
things you want most. Love, Money,
Power, Success & More.

Spells for Solar Eclipse.

Our Native American ancestors say the
Solar Eclipse is a highly significant 
marker of transformation.

They are Manifestation Gateways. They 
presents untapped potential that's desires
to be released to manifest your dream.

 Solar Eclipse Spell Casting Service.

Are you ready to discover just how amazing
your life can be when you are able to 
be the driver of your desires.

This Solar Eclipse has Astounding might. 
It provides you a profound opportunity to
leap past your current limitations.

Spells for Solar Eclipse

Solar Spells can eclipse lack and loss.

A Solar eclipse provides us the perfect
window through which we can work magic 
to cast spells to enhance, enrich 
and improve your life.

These Spells for Solar Eclipse Work!

Spells Cast During Solar Eclipse.

Spiritually or metaphysically speaking, 
Solar Eclipses are essentially like doors
or gateways that open to manifest the 
things you want most in life. 

Spell List for Solar Eclipse