Moon Magic | Lunar Spells per Moon Phases

Spells for New Moon, Full Moon, Super Moon, Blue Moon, ​Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse via potent lunar Magic.

Moon Spells: Lunar Magic

The Moon has tremendous power over and a super strong influence on everything taking place on our planet.

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Spells for New Moon, Full Moon, Super Moon, Blue Moon, ​Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse via potent lunar Magic.

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Using Moon Magic & Lunar Spell

Full Moon Spells

When the moon is full we can harness its power to cast spells for Good Luck, Love, Money, jobs, etc, Bewitched by celestial satellite  ( Go to > Full moon Spell list  ).

New Moon Spells

The New Moon, Magic and Spells go together like peas in a pod. Results often manifest within the lunar cycle - 30 days.

Blue moon spells

The Blue Moon is an especially magical time for spells.

Its your chance to obtain your most wanted wish.  

Use the magical properties of the Blue moon spells

to get what you desire and deserve  

​Blood Moon spells

These potent spells call upon cosmic forces to grant your wish.

These lunar spells can only be used on the Blood Moon.

When the moon is blood red we will summons cosmic powers to

enhance your daily life via the granting of your wishes

  • Spells for the Blood Moon 

Lunar Eclipse spells

We are very well versed and ever so prepared

to cast your spell during this lunar eclipse. 

Natural powers run loose that we can take advantage

of to ground spells so the outcome is quite easy to predict.

It takes both a disciplined and experienced spell caster

to harvest the power of the eclipse magic 

& we have been doing it for ages.

Supermoon Spells

Super Moon Spells, Rituals & Magic.

The Super moon has potent magic that can be used 

to Super charge the manifestation of results.

The Ancient Supermoon Rituals have a high rate of success.

The single best time to cast a spell to get things you want most 

Is during the magic show of the super Moon. 

The mystic energy of the Supermoon 

contains a unique, potent and penetrating magic. 

That magic energy makes all spells very effective.

The Power of moon Magic

The Moons rhythmic cycles mirrors the cycles of life.

Existence on Earth without our Moon would

Create and Cause dark times for all


Lunar Magic: Moon Spells

Moon Magic has a long history of producing the most potent and effective spells ever cast.

Its the use of astronomical and planetary energies for Magick in relation to heavenly or cosmic events and the movements, phases or timing of celestial bodies.

Its the calling forth of the limitless potential and releasing divine energy of the moon, luminaries and other objects or phenomena to obtain your wish.

Customer Service

We offer full ongoing support and advice via email for any purchase for as long as you require it. 

You can contact us at any time with any questions that you may have and we will respond to you as soon as possible. 

We are always happy to help in any way possible.

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This page shows the spells for different lunar phases. 

We list spells for the full lunar cycle.

We offer Spells for each type of moon such as the Full moon,  New Moon, Super Moon, Blue \ ​Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse.

Moon spells tap the unlimited manifesting of Cosmic energy.

Our Moon spells are quite capable of attracting love, money, luck which is perfect for personal growth in all spheres of life.

We connect to the highest celestial power for Clarity

& Strength of Mind, Spirit, and Body to cast your spell.

The energies & properties of this process provide us with

Lunar Energy, Ethereal Power, and Astral Connections.

This connection makes our spells super effective. 

​For clarity sake,

we only call upon The Great spirit which is the God of gods. 

We have an age old divine covenant with the Great spirit. 

That's an agreement between God, us & our people. 

We've agreed to only call upon the Great spirit

Thus God promised to honor our request.

We do not directly call upon any other source,

Angel, Cosmic force, Spirits or universal entities. 

The Great spirit has power over all of them,

and dispatches them to serve us.

This is why our spells are so effective

and why our spells are completely safe;

No Harm, Back fires or Bad karma.


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Spells for New Moon, Full Moon, Super Moon, Blue Moon, Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse via potent lunar Magic.
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