Intimacy without commitment.

No meltdowns, Yet will strengthen the friendship,

Sexual relations that supplies and gratifies.

A sexual alliance or association without the bond.

Duck off into the night together whenever you like.

keep it under wraps or be open about it.

As a FWB situations, Enjoy sleeping over & or just a Booty call.​

Emotional intimacy without the relationship.

FWB is more than just looking to get laid with mediocre sex.

Its more about a a great connection without the heart break.

No disappointments and or hurt each other.

No false sense of intimacy because you already know one another.

No struggling to find the space you need for yourself either.

No relationship but love making with all the emotional intimacy.

Freedom with intimacy: FWB.

The Sex is the thing both people enjoy when ​Friends with Benefits.

Both can mesh without either side getting stuck.

Your able to feel comfortable and intimate and close. 

But your still free to live your life as you like.

This Freedom with intimacy makes sex wonderful for you and them.


Spell for Friends with Benefits

FWB aren’t romantically involved.

Friends with Benefits aren’t limited to just being with each other.

Yes - Spend time with each other and hooking up,

No - Fully committed relationship.

Friends with benefits relationship is about having great sex.

You get to enjoy what you’re into and what you want.

​Friends with Benefits Relationship Spell

Being Friends With Benefits is so special.

A friends-with-benefits relationship can be a lot of liberating fun.

it's a hookup with no strings attached.

A hookup between two people who genuinely like each other.

A hookup between two people already trust each other.

The benefits of a complicated love affair without complications.

Friends-with-benefits Spell.

Easily navigate a friends-with-benefits situation with no troubles.

Advocate what you want and desire in a FWB accord. 

Intercourse that's open to compromises, and never judgmental.

Never worry about the conversation one-sided.

Things are casual, each goes along with what you want.

This is a completely and totally satisfying sensual scenario.


Friends with Benefits | Summary of Spell for FWB.

Turn a playmate \ Friend into your sex partner.

Friendship with sex, but no expectations of a romantic relationship.

Have the sexual activity but there is no true relationship involved.

No girlfriend or boyfriend, No feelings that tie you down.

Just a friend you can hook up or make out with.

Do it without worries about commitment.

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Sex without the romantic relationship.

Friends with benefits is far better than a complicated interrelationship

Get full benefits without investing in a romantic relationship,

Have a successful FWB relationship, and maintain the friend status.

FWB relationships can work for anyone and everyone.

This type of scenario works without all the drama.

Get involved physically and sexually, without the commitment.

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Friends with Benefits spell. Turn your playmate into your sex partner. See Summary of Love Spell for FWB.
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