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Spell to curse someone powered by the intranquil spirit. Curse of Intranquility. Summary of Intranquility Curse spell.
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​​Intranquility Curse | Summary of spell

Spell summary of the ​​Intranquility Curse.

This is the only Curse of Intranquility spell offered online.

Others will copy, but none can duplicate our results.

This is an invocation to oppress whomever.

invoke supernatural agents to punish your target.

You won't find another spell to curse someone like this.


Intranquility Curse spell.

In the eye of the beholder, is all hat matters.

if you feel you have been wronged, you deserve justice.

Justice can be obtained without worry of accruing bad karma.

This is spiritual law, and Karma will be on your side.

The Great spirit will release karma and the curse for you.

Karma will unleash the intranuil spirit to satisfy your request.

Intranquility spell.

For those who still doubt the legitimacy of a curse, know this.

Christ cursed the barren fig-tree.

Pronounced his woe against the incredulous cities.

Jesus validates this power as he foretells of the

awful malediction that will come upon the damned.

Meaning great sorrow and distress will find your target. 

Spell of Intranquility. 

A charged curse can infect anyone's life.

The curse will infect a life via vibrational frequency.

These vibrations tend to disrupt the targets whole life.

Sudden misfortune, loss of friendship and lovers.

String of bad luck, Financial Trouble, and more. 

This can Devastate all areas of their affairs.


Curse of Intranquility spell.

This is a very real curse.

Due to the Intranquil spirit its very serious and powerful.

That's Right, we will summons the Intranquil spirit.

Only a servant of the Great Spirit can cast this curse.

And only the Great spirit can release this potent curse.

Meaning this is a biblical curse, not to be taken lightly.

Intranquil Spirit Spell and Hex.

Those who attempt to Break this curse,

Will end up having cursed themselves, instead.

Its an expressed wish that misfortune will befall your target.

Its a deliberate attempt to levy a hex on someone. 

This is a jinx that applies crossed conditions on the foe. 

It's a pronouncement made effective by spiritual power.

Super powered Intranquility Curse.

In the Hebrew Bible there are long lists of curses.

Such as God cursing the serpent, the earth, and Cain.

Noah cursed Canaan.

Joshua cursed the man who would build the city of Jericho.

B​biblical curses, like this Intranquility Curse are powerful.

There are no more powerful curses than those of God. 


Curse of the Intranquil Spirit

 Make Cheaters, Dead beats & Scam artist pay for ripping you off.

Unleash this wrath upon whomever has wronged you.

Strike back at someone that has been taking advantage of you.

Get back at lover who went wrong and left you cold.

Take Sweet Revenge on a bully or bad person.

No bad Karma, as we only deal out well deserved Justice for you.