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Revenge spell

Powerful Revenge spell to punish your enemy. Its time they paid their due's. 

Get revenge on those that have troubled or hurt you. Make them suffer for their wrong doings. Its time for your enemy to anguish and for you to be happy. Its time for you to get even 

If someone has done you wrong, Use this powerful revenge spell to settle the score 

Make the offending person face retribution for their dirty deeds. Have them overcome with self-doubt, weaknesses. Send back the wrongs doings they gave you, Its time they paid their due's

Its time to get Revenge

Powerful Revenge Spell

This is a safe, yet super effective Revenge Spell.

If someone is bothering you and has made your life a living hell and want to them, get this Revenge spell. 

If someone is causing trouble for you or your family,  Make them suffer for their wrong doings.

This powerful Revenge spell will give your enemy a taste of their own medicine while bringing peace, tremendous joy and satisfaction to the users of this revenge spell.

The user of this spell will see results like never before. This is a No nonsense revenge spell that makes sure your enemy or who ever you target will meet with doom and misery.

Cosmic spirits will surround and wreak total havoc in your targets life. ( bad luck, misfortune and hardships )