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If you want to be the most beautiful woman or handsome man in the room, Beauty & Glamour spells are exactly what you need. The origin of the word glamour comes from the 17th-century Scottish word "glamour," which means to cast a spell or enchantment over anyone who looks on you. So In essence, a Beauty & Glamour Full moon spell gives the appearance of change to all who may look at you, including yourself. Others will see what you want them to see or will see you as you want to be perceived. This is based on extending and shaping your ENERGY SYSTEM (some call it your aura). It draws out your inner beauty so you can radiate attractiveness outwardly. These are very useful enchants. 

Maybe there's a person you particularly want to impress: boss, teacher, judge, loan agent, promoter, etc. Maybe there's a guy or girl you'd like to show off to. Maybe you're meeting an old friend (or lover!) and you want them to be blown away by your beauty. Whatever the reason, you can't go wrong with these lunar Beauty & Glamour spells. These spells are suitable for both men and women of any age. If you wish to be beautiful, glamorous, handsome, pretty, sexy, and or more attractive - you've come to the right site! Also every time you look in the mirror you will feel a surge of magical energy run through you and revitalize your soul thanks to these full moon Beauty & Glamour spell. ​​ 

Lunar Beauty & Glamour spells

Must impress  ( Beauty & Glamour Full moon spells )
This enchant was specifically created to be used when you are meeting someone 
that you must impress. This casting is used to improve your appearance when you 
need to make the best possible impression. Use it prior to a court appearance,  
a loan agent, promoter, an important job interview or interview for a promotion, 
raise, etc. Ensure things go in your favor when its a must impress situation..

Magnify & Glamorize at work  ( lunar Beauty & Glamour spells )
Enhance your inner & outer beauty when at work or out with co workers. It will help weave your thoughts, words and sentences together beautifully causing others find you charming, engaging & somewhat witty. It will give your personality a social makeover especially if not a very socially active person. Its great when starting a new job or trying to fit in with the crew of an old job.

Irresistible to an ex ( Beauty & Glamour Full moon spells )
Were you abandoned by your ex because of issues pertaining to looks? Do you want that ex lover to be jealous after discovering that you are magically transformed? If so this will surround you with an aura of attractive beauty that will drive your ex mad. This will radiate your personality and make you a irresistible magnet of attraction. 

Become the center attraction  ( lunar Beauty & Glamour spells )
If you want to become the center of attraction whenever you are in social gatherings get this enchantment. Any man or woman who is not confident with their looks should cast this. conjure up a little popularity so that people will want to pay attention to you and talk to you as well. Become the center of attraction and be the hit of the party

Bold Allurement ( Beauty & Glamour Full moon spells )
This spell will make you beautiful from the roots of your hair down to your toenails. It helps draw physical attraction to ourselves, so we can ultimately build up our self image and confidence. Take control, be bold, be vibrant and bless be. It not only increases your outer beauty, but your inner, as well. Its been reported that it also gets rid of most, if not all, acne and blemishes on the face and body. This is a must get !!!

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A night with a Full moon is super charged with energy. In fact there is no other time of the month that the energy is so highly charged. Spells are driven with energy, the higher the energy level is when a spell is cast, the more effective that spell will be. This high energy level also has another awesome benefit. The Law of Attraction is all about energy, therefore the Law of Attraction will be tremendously magnified with this spell-casting service. The law of attraction is the key element needed to manifest your spell results. So were not going to let the highly charged energy levels of a full moon go to waste and we hope you wont either! Thus, We will take advantage of the high energy levels of the next Full moon to cast the most powerful love spell ever for you !!! 

Beauty & Glamour spells

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Beauty & Glamour spells
Beauty & Glamour spells

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If you have multiple needs, wants or desires; please order the appropriate spells and or purchase a Custom spell so that a proper casting can be preformed for you. Our spells work because we create and use explicit incantations along with dedicated rituals to invoke the supernatural powers needed to turn your wish into a reality. Adding various effects and or diverse requests to a specific spell without having the necessary modifications made will only decrease your spells effectiveness. I will do whatever you want but i say these things so that i can cast your spell with a clear conscience

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Beauty & Glamour Full moon spells

Beauty & Glamour Full moon spells

Spells cast during a full moon are super effective for Beauty & Glamour

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Full moons occur once each month and we always host a Full moon spell-casting service. All who order a spell-casting will be treated with a triple spell-casting on the night of the full moon. We will be hosting 3 separate services 1 am, 2am, and then a full blown fire service at 3 am. Don't wait till the last minute, RSVP ASAP - order now. We have an added bonus for those who order before the full moon - a Mega potent quad cast. yep, we will cast your spell once within 24 hrs of order & then a triple cast during the full moon

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