Full Moon Calendar 2021.

Calendar for our spell casting service hosted every month when the moon is Full. We Cast spell during the Full Moon.

2021 Full Moon Dates

06.24.2021 (Supermoon)
08.22 2021 (Full Blue Moon)
10.20 2021
11.19 2021
12.18 2021

Full moon Spells

Traditional Full Moon Names.

  • Wolf.
  • Snow.
  • Worm.
  • Pink.
  • Flower. 
  • Strawberry. 
  • Buck
  • Corn 
  • Harvest. 
  • Beaver. 
  • Cold.

More Full Moon names.

Wiccan: Wolf. 
Colonial: Winter.
Celtic: Quite or Storm.
Chinese: Holiday.
Algonquin: Wolf. 
Cherokee: Cold. 
Choctaw: Cooking.
Medieval:  Wolf. 
Neo Pagan: Ice.

Wiccan: Storm.
Colonial: Trapper's.  
Celtic: Ice. 
Chinese: Chaste. 
Algonquin: Budding Snow. 
Cherokee: Boney. 
Choctaw: Little Famine. 
Medieval: Storm. 
Neo Pagan: Snow.

Wiccan: Chaste. 
Colonial: Fish.  
Celtic: Winds or Seed.   
Chinese: Sleepy.  
Algonquin: Sap. 
Cherokee: Windy.   
Choctaw: Big Famine. 
Medieval: Chaste. 
Neo Pagan: Death.

Wiccan: Seed.
Colonial: Planter's.  
Celtic: Growing or Hare. 
Chinese: Peony. 
Algonquin: Seed. 
Cherokee: Flower. 
Choctaw: Wildcat. 
Medieval: Seed. 
Neo Pagan: Awakening.

Wiccan: Hare. 
Colonial: Milk.
Celtic: Bright or Dyan. 
Chinese: Dragon. 
Algonquin: Flower. 
Cherokee: Planting. 
Choctaw: Panther. 
Medieval: Hare. 
Neo Pagan: Grass.

Full Moon Calendar 2022.

Spell casting service held each month when the moon is Full.  This is the perfect time for your spellcasting.

2022 Full Moon Dates.

  • 01.17.2022 
  • 02.16.2022
  • 03.18.2022
  • 04.16.2022
  • 05.16.2022
  • 06.14.2022 (Supermoon)
  • 07.13.2022  (Supermoon)
  • 08.11.2022  (Supermoon)
  • 09.10.2022
  • 10.09.2022
  • 11.08.2022 
  • 12.07.2022

Full moon Spells

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Wiccan: Dyad. 
Colonial: Rose.  
Celtic: Horse's or Mead. 
Chinese: Lotus. 
Algonquin: Strawberry. 
Cherokee: Green Corn. 
Choctaw: Windy. 
Medieval: Dyan. 
Neo Pagan: Planting.

Wiccan: Mead. 
Colonial: Summer. 
Celtic: Claiming or Corn. 
Chinese: Hungary. 
Algonquin: Buck. 
Cherokee: Ripe Corn. 
Choctaw: Crane. 
Medieval: Mead. 
Neo Pagan: Rose.

Wiccan: Wyrt.
Colonial: Dog's Day. 
Celtic: Dispute or Barley. 
Chinese: Harvest. 
Algonquin: Sturgeon. 
Cherokee: Fruit. 
Choctaw: Women's. 
Medieval: Corn. 
Neo Pagan: Lightening.

Wiccan: Barley.
Colonial: Harvest. 
Celtic: Singing or Blood. 
Chinese: Chrysanthemum. 
Algonquin: Corn. 
Cherokee: Nut. 
Choctaw: Mulberry. 
Medieval: Barley. 
Neo Pagan: Harvest.

Wiccan: Blood.
Colonial: Hunter's. 
Celtic: Harvest or Snow. 
Chinese: Kindly. 
Algonquin: Raven. 
Cherokee: Harvest. 
Choctaw: Blackberry. 
Medieval: Blood. 
Neo Pagan: Blood.

Wiccan: Snow. 
Colonial: Beaver. 
Celtic: Dark or Oak. 
Chinese: White. 
Algonquin: Hunter's. 
Cherokee: Trading. 
Choctaw: Sassafras. 
Medieval: Snow. 
Neo Pagan: Tree.

Wiccan: Oak. 
Colonial: Christmas. 
Celtic: Cold or Wolf. 
Chinese: Bitter. 
Algonquin: Cold. 
Cherokee: Snow. 
Choctaw: Peach. 
Medieval: Oak. 
Neo Pagan: Long Night.

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The Full Moon is a manifesting powerhouse.  And in a real sense, moves with us – with you, with me. It's in a hallowed dance that unfurls in cadenced cycles that controls the processes of the oceans, your body, the harvest, and some say - life itself. It's one of the best times to have a spell cast.  

A Manifesting Powerhouse.

Full Moon Spells

Full Moon Calendar 2023.

Spell casting service held each month when the moon is Full.  This is the perfect time for your spellcasting.

2023 Full Moon Dates.

  • 01.06.2023 
  • 02.05.2023
  • 03.07.2023
  • 04.06.2023
  • 05.05.2023
  • 06.03.2023
  • 07.03.2023  (Supermoon)
  • 08.01.2023  (Supermoon)
  • 08.30.2023  (Super Blue moon)  
  • 09.29.2023
  • 10.28.2023
  • 11.27.2023 
  • 12.26.2023 

Full moon Spells

Full Moon Calendar

Full Moon Calendar 2024.

Spell casting service held each month when the moon is Full.  This is the perfect time for your spellcasting.

2024 Full Moon Dates.

  • 01.25.2024 
  • 02.24.2024
  • 03.25.2024
  • 04.23.2024
  • 05.23.2024
  • 06.21.2024
  • 07.21.2024  
  • 08.19.2024  (Super Blue moon)
  • 09.17.2024  (Supermoon)
  • 10.17.2024  (Supermoon)
  • 11.15.2024  (Supermoon) 
  • 12.15.2024 

Full moon Spells