Magical effects of the SUPER MOON.
this is a brief explanation to a complex subject. Its about the

supermoon (Perigee Moon) and how the energy of Universal

planets influence each other.

Its about the synchronicity between the magnetic field, the

human and ethereal body, and the elements of the world.

The Super moons ( Perigee Moons )

are special because they are closer to the Earth.

This means they are aligning with different magnetic tones. It is like a extra dose of magnetic plasma being sent into our atmosphere which is awesome for all spells cast.

The Super Moon will be energetically pulsing strong waves

into our atmosphere.  Are you ready to lift the veil and take

advantage of this super potent energy to obtain your goal.

i hope so !!!  The super moon’s extra pull of gravity creates

higher-than-usual affect on the earth,

Every Earthly thing is affected by a supermoon

Which helps us cast super effective spells.


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* Perigee means: closest approach to The Earth.

Super Moon dates for 2023

Super moon Calendar

Super Moon Calendar: Supermoon Spells

Super Moon dates and links to all Supermoon Spells.

SuperMoon dates.

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 Super moon’s creates higher than usual affects on earthly things, which allows us to cast super effective spells for you.​

Supermoon spells produce real results.

Super moon Dates & Supermoon spells.

A Supermoon is great for spells because when the moon is closest to Earth it has the greatest effect on our planet and everything on it. 

Furthermore during the time of a super moon, it is in line with the sun. At that time, the sun and moon’s
gravitational effects combine. This creates the absolute best time to have a spell cast.

The Supermoon makes our Spells especially potent. Super moon spells produce real results.

Powerful energy swirls in the lunar-charged sky. These Super moons are ultra-potent. Tap into Divine power to get things you want most!

Supermoon's & spell-casting.

When the supermoon appears, incredible energy twirls in the lunar-charged sky. We can Exploit this exceptional opportunity to increase the power and effectiveness of your spell.

While all moons elevate the power and effectiveness of spell-casting, the super moon actually enhances and empowers the manifestation process to produce real results.

A Guide To the Super Moon and It's Magical Effects.

Each supermoon is totally special and is escorted by magical correspondences and energies that can fill various needs via the proper spell-work and core interests. 

It is essential to know that magic and the use of these supermoons have been around for centuries and are used across many esoteric societies.

During this time, we can cast any type of spell. Make someone love you, Attract your soulmate or return a lost lover. Use it to Get out of debt, win a lottery or become a money magnet. It's a perfect time to remove a curse or have a curse placed on someone. There is no limit. 

Supermoon Dates: 2022

SW7 ,
5 4909
Supermoon Almanac, Schedule for Spell casting dates for Full, New, Super Moons, Ultra-potent Spells, Supermoon Calendar
24.99 2050-01-01

Supermoon Dates: 2024

​​​Super moon Schedule 

Supermoon Almanac, Schedule for Spell casting dates for Full, New, Super Moons, Ultra-potent Spells, Supermoon Calendar

Super moon Dates: 2021