Love Spells cast on Full Moon

When the moon is full, Spells of love have persuasive power and influence that are enticing, irresistible, & inescapable. Use them to get the one you want

Full Moon Love Spells

Spells cast once within 24 hrs of order  Main casting during the Full Moon.

​Results often manifest within - 30 days. 

Clients often get results before the lunar cycle returns to full, this is the most powerful phase of the whole Moon sequence. 

Love Spells cast on Full Moon

True Love Lure - love spell 

This will call forth a love that will enrich your life.

Your voice, scent and energy will become seductive and attractive to your one and only soul mate. 

This is a Pure love Spell that clears all obstacles that standing between you and your True love.

This Full moon love spell will create a strong magnetic force to attract your true love to you.

They'll come to you, want to talk, go out on dates, spend time with you and yes, fall in love with you.

True Love Lure - love spell 

Full Moon Love Spells

Bring back a lost lover - Love spell

​Don’t Let your lover go.

They belong to you and you belong to them.

Use our "Return lost lover" love spell to reopening the lines of communication to give you guys a chance to stop arguing and find some common ground.

We call upon the essence of love to soothe both of your broken-hearts (even if you think theirs isn't)

This helps mend your relationship by removing past hurts and dispelling any old anger that could is still lingering.

 However the most powerful part of this invasive spell is the euphoria it sparks in your ex about you,

turning even the king of the jungle into a flipped-out ball of ecstasy drawing them back to you like a cat to catnip​.

Bring back a lost lover - Love spell

Love Spells to do on a Full Moon

Ask me out - Love spell

A love Spell to help you get that first date.

Our Full Moon ask me out Love Spell will help your secret crush break the ice and make that initial invite.

Use this to get someone you like to  take action and show their interest in you.

Ask me out - Love spell

​Love Spells cast on Full Moon

Make them love me - Love spell

Spell to Make someone show you the affection you crave.

This Full Moon make them love me Spell will Invoke an Infatuation & obsession of you.

Get their attention and unconditional love.

This will ignite physical attraction and spark romance.

Make them love me - Love spell

​Full Moon Love Spells

Accept me as i am - Love spell

Spell to get someone to accept the true you.

Our Full Moon accept me as i am Love Spell helps make a lover, or whoever become one of your biggest fan.

If you don't mix well with another, use this to fix that. 

​Accept me as i am - Love spell

Love Spells to do on a Full Moon

Be mine not theirs - Love Spell

Use this Love Spell to make them yours. 

Full Moon be mine not theirs Love Spell can cause the target to forsake others because they desire to be with you.

Don't wait to be chosen, Be top priority. Make them love you, want you, desire you and think of you Nonstop!​

Be mine not theirs - Love Spell

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Love Spells to do on a Full Moon

We cast love spells when the moon is full which is why they are so persuasive, enticing, irresistible, & virtually inescapable.

Lets be honest. We all want love from someone.

We want them to follow, rust and accept us.

​We want to inflence them to our way of thinking.

We want to get whomever we want

​and we want them now.

These Full Moon love spells are super successful.

The law of attraction will start working for you.

Everybody wants to live in a harmonious and happy relationship, and now you can !!

can helo provide you with the     

Spells cast once within 24 hrs of order

Followed by the Main casting during the Full Moon.

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You can contact us at any time with any questions that you may have and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

We are always happy to help in any way possible.

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Full Moon Spells 

Events like this provide high energy. The higher the energy level, the more effective your spell will be. 

Spells cast during Events like this have the highest success rates when compared to basic spell casting services.

Casting a spell during this event will greatly increases your odds of manifesting the results you desire. 

This is the best option to receive the results for "Must Have" wants, wishes, scenarios and situations. 

Did you miss this Event ? 

​​If this casting event has come and gone, you can still have these ever so powerful & highly effective spells cast for you. 

Order a spell from here anytime of the month. we will cast it once within 24 hrs of order, & again on the next Full Moon. 

Check out the next castings date & other Cosmic services.

Need a love spell that is incredibly powerful?

Want a love spell to do whatever you want?

you've come to the right place!

Full moon love spells

These full moon love spells are cast using the influence of the full Moon. The gravitational pull of the Moon influences every aspect of life here on earth. 

To understand just how powerful our Full moon love spells are, Think about tidal flows

( the rise and fall of the sea level ).

The gravitational pull of the Moon causes these powerful tidal flows and profoundly affect the world as we know it.

Now consider the fact that humans are 75% water.

These love spells will have incredible power over the one you love and create an intense love connection that they wont be able to resist.

The power of a Full Moon

Each night we see one of the many faces of the Moon,

It evokes a sense of mystery and magic in all of us,

it is like a familiar friend who is there every night,

it stirs different emotions within all of us.

However you view the Moon and whatever you believe,

you are affected by its changing energy.

The Full Moon contains a potent magic all its own and plays a very profound role when it comes to spell casting.

If you want a love spell that is incredibly powerful love spell that can do anything you want -

you've come to the right place!

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