For clarity sakes, we only call upon The Great spirit which is the God of gods.

We have an age old divine covenant with the Great spirit,

that's an agreement between God, us & our people,

in which God makes the promise to honor our request

therefore We do not directly call upon any other Angel, Cosmic force, Spirits or universal entities.

The Great spirit has power over, and can dispatch these Angels to serve us. 

Its why our spells are so effective and safe; no back fires or bad karma.

Having your spell cast during an event such as this

will dramatically increase your odds of manifesting the results you desire.

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9 levels \ Order \  Hierarchy of angels

that we can summon for you with our Angel spells

  • Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones;
  • Dominations, Virtues, and Powers;
  • Principalities, Archangels, and Angels.

Angel Magic & Spells

Magic to summon Guardian Angels & Archangels,

Get what matters the most to you in life: Love, Money, Success via Powerful Angel Spells.

Spell Cast once within 24 hrs of order, followed by main cast during the Angel Symposium.

Order a fire, coven, power blast or super cast &Receive A special Quad casting for this event.

Quad cast - Spell cast once within 24 hrs of order & then 3X's on the night of the event.  

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Angel Power & Supernatural Spells: Divine Incantations to Summon angels,

300 Caveland Dr, Olive Hill, KY 41164 (private property)

Basic cast  $24.99 ,  mpn: A267  , sku: 0A267  ,  Rating Value: 5 , reviewCount: 8479 ,

Magic to summon Archangels, Get what matters the most to you in life: Love, Money, Success via Powerful Angel Spells

Spells cast once within 24 hrs of order. Main casting during the Angel summit. Angelic Invocation spell to Summon angels 

Angel Power: Supernatural Spell casting event, $24.99. Divine Incantations to connect with & Summon Divine Angels

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​Angel Power

Spells cast once within 24 hrs of order 

The Main spell casting is during the Angel Symposium.

Customer Support 

We offer full ongoing support and advice via email

for any purchase for as long as you require it.

You can contact us at any time with any questions,

and we will answer your questions as soon as possible. 

We are always happy to help in any way possible. 

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Supernatural Spells & Angels

An angel is an ethereal creature who assists and serves God.

Angels can satisfying any purpose or desire.

When their duties are not punitive, angels are beneficial for us. 

When their duties are punitive, an angel annihilates the target.

An angel is a divine being created by God,

And are able to satisfy any request. 

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Divine Spells to Summon angels

Angels in Heaven dwell in a very hierarchical community,

and are known collectively as the Host of Heaven.

The angelic hierarchy,

is broken down into smaller units and factions called garrisons.

Angels want to turn your dreams into reality for you

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​Angel Power

Archangels are the eldest angels,

having been God's first creations made

from pure primordial creation.

They are "fierce", "absolute", and

are "Heaven's most blessed helpers of humanity", 

Angel can manifest the things you want most in life.

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A supernatural being found in

Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism and Islam.

Angel comes from the Latin word angelus,

which came from the Greek word, angelos, meaning "messenger".

Angels  act as helpers and messengers from God.

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Angel Power & Supernatural Spells

Angel Power: Spell casting event,  $24.99. Incantations & Supernatural  Spells to connect with the Divine to Summon angels

  • Angel Symposium​ > 10. 05.19
  • Featuring: Rehael  (Seventh Angel of Powers)
  • Spell List - Angel Power spells

  • Angel Spells cast once within 24 hrs of order,
  • Main casting during the Angel Symposium​​

Supernatural Spells

We connect with the Divine to unleash a Power Angel for you.

Top 5 Supernatural Spells

  1. Get Out of Debt Angel Spell
  2. Win Money Angel Spell
  3. Make Them Love me Angel Spell
  4. Turn friendship into love Angel Spell
  5. Friends with benefits Angel Spell


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    5 8479
    Angel Power: Supernatural Spell casting event, $24.99. Divine Incantations to connect with & Summon Divine Angels
    24.99 2050-01-01

    Supernatural & Divine Spells

    You can experience true fulfillment using Angel Magic.

    Summon Guardian Angels to overcome lack, loss & misfortune.

    Angels can satisfy any purpose or desire,

    They can solve any problem or settle any situation.

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    Summon angels with Divine spells

    Angels can assume any form

    and according to the Hebrew Bible,

    They often appeared to people as humans of amazing beauty.

    They are also described as pure and bright

    and are said to be formed of fire, and encompassed by light.

    Angels are a medium of God's power;

    they exist to execute God's will.

    Angels reveal themselves to individuals,

    when ordered to by god. 

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    About Angels & Angel power  

    The angels were created by God

    in order to help battle dark and oppressive  entities. 

    God created the angels and their various classes.

    Then came the arrival humanity,

    God placed a high value on us.

    Lucifer did not like that God placed such a high value on us.

    This caused Lucifer to rebel against god and humanity

    Lucifer thought he could establish a new heaven on Earth.

    His main goal was to break the bond between god and man.

    which is the reason for your loss, lack and misfortune

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    Overcome lack, loss & misfortune. 

    let us summon an Angel to Help you.

    There are angel in charge of helping you find lost things,

    ​Angels can help you start a new chapter in life. 

    Angel can help with the Well-Being of loved ones and Pets.

    Angels can help when your Taking Tests or Attending Meetings.

    Angels can help you overcome Money Problems.

    ​Angel can restore relationships and return lost lovers.

    Angels can help or heal your romantic relationships.

    Angel can Satisfy your wants, needs and wishes.

    Angels can Overcome lack, loss & misfortune. 

    Angel can do anything !!!

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