Burn scripts

Burn scripts for Power rituals, Fire spells & Angelic spells

All power ritual ( candle burning ) should be repeated daily.  Complete ritual that includes the burning of a fully charged fire sheet / burn script should be done at least once a week but mat be repeated daily. The complete ritual needs to repeated to refresh the energy levels of your spell. High energy levels are needed to fuel the manifestation process & produce the results you want. If you purchased a Celestial spell ( Angelic magick )  You need to repeat the entire ritual as often as possible, as it is the magical magnet that compels your Guardian spirit to continually assist you. Otherwise the Angelic spirit will get bored or tired or distracted and wander off. Repeating the complete ritual is very important & a key to success!   

Fully charged burn scripts

Burn scripts may look different than the 1st print you received with your first order. Those prints were charged to activate your spell.  These burn scripts are specifically charged to renew the energy levels of your spell & appeal to the supernatural & angelic forces.  

To bring back a lover  -  covers all reuniting spells for ( Fire, Celestial & or Angelic spells ) + ( Freedom keys & Fire seals)         

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burn scripts
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