Were certified 

We recognize all positive spiritual paths regardless of denomination, including healing and earth-based traditions, and make no judgements against other valid spiritual faiths.


Ordination is a way to publicly recognize and confer authority to those God has entrusted to guide, equip and lead them. Although the call on a pastor/minister’s life is wrought in the heart and is not contingent upon titles, ordination provides the opportunity for the church to affirm and recognize this calling.. Shiloh - our resident shaman has been ordianed for nearly 20 years.

 He has been publicly recognized as having the right and responsibility to perform certain functions for the benefit of the whole society. We honor & recognize him in roles of pastor, minister & shaman to carry out these functions. In summary, we will use the term “ordination” to mean “to invest with ministerial services, ministry duties or to confer pastoral authority. 

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