Use a custom made spell for your "must have" needs, wants and desires.  Please contact us for a free consultation. Be sure to include details of your situation and your desired outcome so that the elder council can come together and create the most suitable custom order spell for you and your specific issue.  contact us

These spells have miraculous power and a super high success rate because the spell comes from our elder council and then our temple priest craft you an exclusive incantation, consecration ritual and casting sacrament. Once that's complete they turn it over to the high priest who will preform a dedicated cast just for you in our next casting service.  

12th Council \ Rank: (Elders) Sage, high priest, shaman, tribal priest, Viceroy, Chancellor, Marshal, Knight, Chief steward, maven, enthusiast    

Custom order spells

Custom made spell

If you have a situation that requires special attention or cant find a spell that fits your specific need, We will happily create a custom made spell to satisfy your situation

Please email me to discuss the issue at hand.

Custom Spells are the most powerful spells that can be cast
Custom Spells can be created to fit your exact wants and desires
Custom Spells are tailored to fix the toughest issue and serious problem
Custom Spells are created for those with must have needs and or special situation

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Custom spells

$39.99 per spell