Stop petty fighting spell

Put an end to the blame game and petty fighting. This cycle of Petty fighting and arguments shall be broken and the petty differences between thee shall become advantageous, complementary, and desirable.

Day of Empowerment Spells

Friends with benefits spell

FWB: Attraction without emotional attachment. Go from Friend to Friends with benefits. Friends With Benefits Are the Most Sustainable Relationships. All the good stuff of a relationship without the head ache

Make them love me spell

This love spell will ignite physical attraction and spark romance.

Get their attention and unconditional love. This will Invoke an Infatuation & obsession of you. 

Get rid of love rival spell

Use this love spell to set the one you want free from a relationship that they are entangled in. ward off a person that is keeping you from being with the one you deserve. 

Get Rid of Annoying Co-Workers

Times are tough enough without having to deal with a toxic coworker. We all have those people in our lives that we would love to just get rid of. Spell To Get Rid of Annoying Co-Worker. 

Curse: hex, jinx spell

Get even with someone that has taken advantage of you physically, emotionally, mentally or financially. Spell to hex, jinx and or get revenge on others.

Return lost lover spell

Bring your lover back with our powerful Return lover spell and start your relationship all over again. Rekindle that old flame. Cast this Love Spell to recapture their heart.

Weight loss spell

If you really want to lose weight, We can help.  Before reaching for any pill, powder, patch, exercise belt, or cream – know this: a lot of products promising quick, easy and permanent weight loss are bogus.

They can hurt your wallet, and hurt your health too. Spiritual Experts say the only way to lose weight is #1) will power, #2) Staying motivated  & 3) Getting this Weight loss spell to make it happen ! 

Get out of debt spell

 A Money Spell to help you become Debt-Free. Maybe you’ll receive a bonus from work or get the money from an unexpected source. Helps you attract the money you need to get out of debt & obtain your financial freedom.

Beauty & Glamour spell

if your ready to be the best you, that you can be. I mean down right Beautiful (or handsome) & at the top of your game - get this spell. Others will find you to be very Attractive, Charming & Engaging.

Money magnet spell

Attracts money to you. If you want or need more money, try this spell.  Its time to unlock the riches you deserve. If you're sick of being a step behind. Sometimes you need a bit of Magick to hit your money stride.

Fix Relationship spell

Any couple can use this love spell to Fix their Broken Relationships. De-escalate conflicts, release resentments & move past problems. Fix problems even if things seem hopeless