Spells of Intranquility

Intranquility spells are super powerful. It ha a specific Goal: To break down a target so that the target become as tame as a lamb and  comes crawling to you on all fours as an obedient dog. 

  • Give into my demands  - Intranquility spell
  • Make them love me - Spell of intranquility  
  • Return Lost lover - Intranquility spell
  • Get rid of love rival - Spell of intranqulity
  • Break them up - Intranquility spell

  • Get rid of someone - Spell of Intranquility
  • Get rid of work rival - Intranquility spell
  • Get rid of annoying co worker - intranquility spell
  • Get rid of a bad Boss - spell of intranquility
  • more to come !!! 

Intranquility spells

These Intranquilty spells call upon, The Inranquil Spirit in order to make someone do what you want.