Super strong - Lust busting Freedom spells

Lust is most often associated with porn, sex and or sexual desire; however it also includes the uncontrolled cravings for money, food, fame, or power. Lust is a psychological force that generates an intense wanting of an object. lust is the all-devouring enemy. It bewilders the mind, heart and senses to subdue a persons will. It provides a fantasy to captivate and obsess; It entertains to addict and possess. Its an ancient demonic spirit spawned by the evil one.

Once possessed, victims of lust become willing to take bigger and bigger risk to satisfy their dark desires even if they know they might have to pay severe consequences later. They begin to cheat, lie and steal or do whatever else it takes to manipulate situations to satisfy their dark desire. This roller coaster path gives them a temporary rush of adrenaline and excitement, their brains become flooded with morphine-like chemicals. They not only get high on appeasing the dark desire but more so on the risk and the pursuit of it. Its this rush that keeps them coming back and enslaved to this hellish force

These custom made lust busting Freedom spells will end the cycle of addiction so the enslavement can end and the recovery can begin !!!  

Lust busting "Custom made" Freedom spells

Sexual Addictions list / types

Scorn Porn

Stop Masturbation 

Unplug ​Sexual fantasies

Abdicate masochistic behavior.

Circumvent Sadistic behavior

​Antisocial Personality Disorder - L1 Freedom spell  

A person with an Antisocial Personality Disorder usually has a history or long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting and or violating the rights of others. This behavior is often criminal. People under this dark influence are often angry or arrogant. They often struggle with substance abuse > Details / order 

More lust busting spells will be placed right here !!!​​

All lust spells 

Everyone is familiar with the obvious addictions - Sex, drugs, booze but Human are becoming addicted to virtually anything, from plastic surgery to texting. !!  

Stop Lust, Pornography, drugs and alcohol problems by ending the cycle of addiction.

Lust busting Spells that really work

 Break Free from porn, sex and or sexual desires