Use this break up spell to stir up dissatisfaction within a relationship that you want to end. Create an environment that breeds disappointment and disfunction, making it impossible for this couple to please each other.

Order this spell of displeasure and discontent to break up this relationship.

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Cant get no satisfaction - break up spell

Cant get no satisfaction spell.

Invoke irritations over the essential functions in their daily life as a couple, like spending versus saving and simple stuff like you forgot to unload the dishwasher again.

Increase the frequency and duration of ill-tempered emotions significantly within the romantic life - so that the couple's life starts to parallel rather than be intertwined.

The more the discontent grows, the more the ill-fated lovers will prioritize spending time with their friends over time with their partner. As the displeasure increases, these two will begin to feel lonely, even when they are together.

And even when they are together, simple conversations turn into heated debates. Oh, the drama of it all, what was once fulfilling, becomes disheartening. The displeasure will make the relationship unsavory and unsatisfactory.

No matter how much the unfortunate mate does for the one targeted by this spell, the more "the targeted one" will want nothing to do with them.

As this spell takes effect, "the ill-fated mate" will continue to give, give, give and try to satisfy "the targeted ones" needs, but their efforts will be in vain.

No satisfaction break up spell.

This spell compels "the ill-fated mate" to do just about anything to make "the targeted one" happy, but the more they try to please "the targeted one," the more "the targeted one" finds something wrong with the way "the ill-starred mate" is doing it.

They can run the bathwater, clean house every day, iron all the clothes, take "the targeted one" to work, bring them lunch, and pick them up on time, but it just won't matter !!!

This is a spell of discontent, meaning that "the ill-fated mate" will not yield the desired outcome they wish no matter how hard they try to please "the targeted one."

Every attempt made will be to no avail and without success. In fact, "the targeted one" will not appreciate anything "the star-crossed mate" does and starts resenting them because it seems like they can't do things the way "the targeted one" likes.

Before long, "the blighted mate" starts resenting even the most minor thing they do for "the targeted one," and before long, this mismatched couple cant wait to get away from each other.

Break up spell - No satisfaction.