Miraculous outcomes !!.

For clarity sake, we want all to know, that this is not an earthly ability or an inherent human skill that we posses. No, this ability to influence, change and alter reality or destiny only comes from a higher source.

The Great spirit  ( God of gods )  Master of light & Ruler of darkness

it is available to all, but the mass of humanity has fallen under the influence of mankind and or the cynical ways of society, and therefore most doubt and never reach out. Thus our service shines bright, in the darkness and the plight.

We are blessed with a supernatural connection and have helped scores of people receive miraculous outcomes.

We have dedicated our life to this practice and can help you get the results you seek, need and desire. 

Channeling energy can alter anything and everything 

Scientific Studies has now Proven that Psychokinesis, channeling energy, can alter, change and influence: Material things, Situations, Conditions, Outcomes and yes - even people. ( Its a fact - google it ). We spiritualist, have known this fact for eons. Which is why this service actually factually works and produces real results.

This is an ongoing month to month service. You may cancel at anytime. Each payment provides 180 days of service. 

This Service includes

​All Services listed Below are preformed daily.. 

  • Protective shield
  • Blessings of favor
  • Reviving your Spells 
  • * Meditative transmissions
  • * Energy Channeling Program​ *

* Meditative transmissions

Your spells will be included in dedicated meditation ceremonies.

This is done to maximize the energy fields needed to keep the law of attraction active in your life and continually drawing the open opportunities you need to manifest the results you desire..  ( Subscription must be active )


$18.33 per month ( 6 months )
Reg $24.99 X 6 = $150

Daily Protection shield & Blessings.

As long as your subscription is active YOU WILL RECEIVE  
Plus a potent PROTECTION SHIELD to ward off Misfortune, Negative energy and Destructive spirits.

Perpetual blessing Half-year Service ( 6 months )

  • A spells effectiveness can only be increased in one way
  • The spell must be steadily fed positive energy.

When you order this  " Perpetual Blessing " service,

The effectiveness of your spell(s) will literally increase a thousand-fold overnight.

Our team of manifestation experts will consistently channel positive energy to feed your spell.

Reviving your spells.

As long as your subscription is active - all your spells ( past / present / future)  will be revived, refreshed and renewed with  our daily perpetual Blessing service that's hosted by our Temple priest to restore the spell(s) focus and direction. 

Our Temple priest have dedicated their life to this practice and can help you achieve the payoff you desperately want. 

This is an ongoing half-year service.

You may cancel at anytime. As long as your subscription is active all your spells ( past / present / future) will be revived in every daily casting service we host, plus we will assign a dedicated team of spiritual warriors to your case to ensure your spell receives active support and consistently feed your spell positive energy for a 180 day cycle. 

* Energy Channeling Program​ *

Spells will be included in included in our energy channeling program

The primary function of this energy channeling program is to consistently invoke cosmic energy ( which is the very essence of any and everything ) to alter, change and exert absolute influence over our so called reality. We've witnessed People,  Material things,  Situations, Conditions and Outcomes be transformed and or modified to comply with our clients wishes.

This program creates the favorable conditions required to manifest real results. 

This service has worked for many of our clients and it can work for you too.