Protection Spells

Super Strong Protection spells protect you from harm, negative forces, enemies, black magic, curses.

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Spiritual Armament
Home Protection spell
Newborn Protection spell
Protect, Balance & Center yourself
Good luck Protection spell
Nightmare Protection spell
Protection from harm
Overwhelmed Protection
Strains of life - Protection
Negative energy - Protection
Bad intentions
Malevolence protection
Evil Spirits - Protection
Control - Protection 
Curse \ Evil Eye - Protection
invisible protection spell

Spells for Protection

Protection spells will keep out any unwanted influences from the strains of life.

Protection Spells

Strong protection spell

If you are finding yourself stuck in an annoying series of misfortunes (such as chipping a tooth, falling in the shower and burning a family dinner for 6 whilst fighting a common cold, all in one day),

you really need some protection spells 

Protection spell for your home
Keep your home safe; Spiritually, Physically and astrally. Protect your home from all who would do it or you harm. Gets rid of any negative attacments and bad vibes that may be lingering about in your home and replaces it with pure positive and healing energy.

Newborn protection spell 
The purpose of this spell is to cleanse a room before childbirth occurs, to keep out any negative or unwanted influences. Newborns, Babies, infant or young child need protection from the evils of this world. Bless Heal Protect Babies, Toddlers Children or do before childbirth.

Protection Spell for Peace, Harmony and Balance.
if you have to be in a place that the occupants are hostile and malicious, or need to settle a family fued or lovers spat, use this spell to bring peace and harmony. This spell is used to provide balance and harmony in a room, a house, car, or an outside 

Good luck protection spell
If you are finding yourself stuck in an annoying series of misfortunes (such as chipping a tooth, falling in the shower and burning a family dinner for 6 whilst fighting a common cold, all in one day), you need a serious boost of Good luck and good fortune

Nightmare Protection spell
Stop Nightmares and end night terrors. This is a spiritual spell and as such carries a great amount of power. The general purpose is to remove bad dreams so that you or someone else can sleep in peace. Give yourself or someone else a  some good night's of sleep  

Protection spell to center yourself
Reduces Stress and Increases Focus to help you make better decisions. Centering ones self is t one of the most important things to do in your life but most people never do. Allows your inner calm prevail so that you can become alive, alert, and active. 

Protection from harm
stop someone causing harm to you or interfering with your life. It doesn’t cause them any harm – however it does attempt to manipulate their actions. It expels negative energies, situations and or people so they cant cause you trouble or do harm to you. 

Protection from being overwhelmed
This spell provides protection from the stresses and strains of life. It really helps if you feel like you need to have a greater sense of protection as you go about your daily life. Quiet the voices and stressful thoughts that have been keeping you up at night.        

Protection from the strains of life
Turn your strains into gains with an astral shield. Tired of getting beat down by the stresses and strains of everyday life, get this spell. Put an end to the psychological adversity which actually attracts and perpetuates the stresses and strains in your life.  

Protection from negative energy spell
This spell blocks other people’s negative thoughts and emotions. It protects your thoughts against anyone attempting to read or influence them without your consent. Use this spell to shield yourself and you wont feel so bothered or uneasy when your amounst them. 

Protection from bad intentions spell
This will help protect you from those plotting any negative actions against you: jealousy, gossip, verbal attacks, negative energies and or wicked attachments. It will cause their negative actions, words and or thoughts to boomerang and backfire in their own face.

Malevolence protection spell
This protective spell can repels any malevolence directed towards you, and helps you form a protective shield around yourself. Put an end to others showing ill will; being ill-disposed; spiteful, malicious or wishing evil to you or others. stops malevolent actions.

Protection spell against Evil Spirits
This is a effective tool to ward off demons and evil spirits. If spirits threaten you in your place use this spell to banish their souls into nothingness, and remove their powers until the last trace. It will make evil beings flee, giving you a safe space. 

Protection spell to block control 
This is a counter-spell. It can be used to break a spell that may have been cast on you, your friend, an ex lover or whoever. Its used to end the influence of and or break the hold someone may have over or on another. Dont let yourself or others be controlled - break free

Protection from Evil Eye Spell 
The “evil eye” is a negative force which causes bad luck, misfortune and can be harmful. It can be directed at you intentionally or from others that have feelings of envy, jealousy or resentment that they feel towards you. Removing an evil eye can improve your life.  

invisible protection spell
Ever wish to be invisible, disappear and or not stand out when your around others. its a good way to be a fly on the wall so you can ease drop and gain valuable insight. It can help you go unnoticed when you need it. People will look right past you ( stealth ninja ) 

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Super Strong Protection spells protect you from harm, curses, enemies, black magic, etc.

Protection spells will keep out any unwanted influences from the strains of life. Spells for Protection.