Spells for Samhain.

Samhain is like a Wizard's New Year to us. And 
even more importantly, We know which holiday
-spells and Enchantments are best to use 
during the fiesta of Remembrance.

Spells to do on this ancient Celtic fete.
These celebration-spells have the power
to manifest real results for you.


Powerful-Spells to do on Samhain. 

Samhuin & powerful Magic. As i said, Saman is
like a Wizard's New Year to us. It's a very
magical time indeed! 

Hallowtide marks the beginning of the white
season of Winter. It's time to gather in the
final harvest before the unavoidable dive into
the expanse of winter's shadows.

It's a time to honor our heavenly father, the
ancient ones, and then get prepared for the
long stretches of snow-filled days ahead.

As we enter into the shadowy grip of winter, 
Samhain makes us aware that the veil is thin
between this world and the spiritual plane.


The fiesta of Remembrance is an extraordinary
period that enhances our Divination skills. It's
one of those abilities which lies both in the
clairvoyant and supernatural domains.

Divination, or "to be roused by the God of
God's," is the ability to draw upon esoteric
knowledge to increase upon our dynamic-spell
casting abilities and powers.

Deities associated with divination, oracles,
dreams, omens, and prophecy also include Apollo,
Zeus, Hekate, Hermes, Pan, Brigid, the Morrigan,
Horus, Thoth, and Gabriel.

This really is for individuals like us who work
with the Great Spirit when we perform and invoke  
divinations during the ancient Celtic fete spell
casting services we perform for you.

It's Samain and there is pure magic in the air.
It's the days of Saman, Samhuin Rituals, and 
ever so powerful Samain spells.


The folklore continues.

Shadow Fest means that the darker
cycle of the year begins. It is 
a genuinely Mystical time. 

It's about death & resurrection and, 
as they say, out with the old year
and in with the new.

The day didn't start at daybreak for the Celts. 
It starts at dusk with the shadowy blackness. 
The cycle of light and dark repeat day 
in and day out.

The light gives way to the darkness, and the
darkness gives way to light. They are 

They are fundamental & inseparable. It's an 
endless rhythmic pattern, and a never ending 
rotation that essential to the circle of life.

The blackness is ripe 
with influence and potential.

This gives you the chance to lay down and 
consider the past and to dream of fresh starts 
during the pitch black or ill-lit night.

The seeds planted now via one of our highly
influential-spells can manifest within
hours or days.

We don't control the timing, but the harvest
season is all about reaping the rewards now.

celebration-spells have tremendous powers
and can manifest real results for you.

Many say that there is no better time for the
casting of an influential spell than Samhain.


Festival of the dead Spells.

Samhain,Fiesta of Remembrance, All Souls Night,
Feast of the Dead, Ancient Celtic fete. 

The days of Samhain
Go from Oct. 31 until Nov 1.
Spells cast once within 24 hrs. of order.
Main castings held each night of Samhain.

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Samhain/All Souls Night | Festival of the dead Spells.
Samhain Oct. 31st. until Nov. 1st. Festival of the dead, All Souls Night. Spells castings held each night of Samhain.
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Traditions & Rituals.

To honor the tradition of this festivity sacred
Fires will be lit to cast the most powerful
spells to help you obtain miraculous results, 
while the proper recognition is given to 
the Great Spirit and the ancestors.

Our people have hosted a spell casting event in
the ancient Samhain tradition to help others get
things they want, and or "must-have" for eons.


Most popular Spells for Samhain. 

It's Samain and there is pure Magic.

The mystique of it all. This Amazing power
tremendously increases our compelling-spells
for All Souls Night's ability to manifest
real results for you.

It's additionally the phase when our
mental and spiritual powers are 
dramatically increased.

And last but not least, 
it permits us to draw power 
from the spiritualist of times past.

Therefore it would be best for you to take full
advantage of this time of year by selecting
one of our Spells for Feast of the Dead.
It's truly an extraordinary event.


We offer the best Magic-Spells to do for the
ancient Celtic fete. This brings me to the next 
type of magic and the Spells to do on the Feast 
of Apples: it involves spirit work.

Specifically, anything involving communication
with any type of deity. I'm talking about using
sacred invocation to draw down divine spirits
to specifically take care of your need,
wish, desire, or want.

Low-level deities are fantastic for this type of
magical work. Examples include Hekate, Hermes,
and St Cyprian.

Any Spell-casting involving contact with other
worlds and spirits are incredibly powered
up around this time.


Magic for Festival of the dead.

Samhain Spells

Samhain/All Souls Night October 31st.

Samhain goes by many many names which we 
will be using for this event.

All Souls Night is the season when the shroud
between this world and the astral realms is
almost non-existent which tremendously 
increases our Samhain-spells 
ability to manifest real 
results for you.

The Feast of the Dead opens a path to a very
enchanted season that can become quite magical 
for you once you select one of our Event-spells.

In case you don't know, the 31st of October
isn't only about Halloween, It's about the 
agnostic commemoration of Samhain/Festival of
the dead/All Souls Night/etc.

Deep into the folklore.

Hallowtide is one of the significant 
celebrations in the Wheel of the Year. 
For some Agnostics, its the most 
Significant Celebration of all.

It is the third and last reaping of apples, 
berries, tomatoes, late-season fruits, and nuts 
that culminates in a Huge fire celebration.

This marks bringing in the harvest, symbolizing
that everything is finished, It is the finish of
the pattern of birth and development, and in 
this way represents the last cycle and death.

The seeds have now all fell into the darkness 
of mother earth. They are concealed, torpid, 
and obviously inert.

The Sun Ruler is relinquished, along with the
seeds being nestled by the land until 
the Winter Solstice.

And the Crone Goddess grieves Him until His 
rebirth and resurrection at Yule.

He, the sun ruler, ventures to every part of
the Hidden world to learn its insight. This is
the hour of the drop into obscurity, of 
pre-origination, out of which new life, 
novel thoughts, and free will rises.

Generally speaking and as we have said, is when
the veils between the universes and our world 
are at their most slender.

Limits are broken, and everything is uncovered. 
The time has come to respect and offer warmth
to the ancestors of old. 


Samhuin & powerful Magic.

Its during this time that we look forth into
the mystical powers of Hallowtide and to
embrace all the intrigue, knowledge, 
and magic it contains. 

Our Spells for Samhain work with the unique 
powers that are available during this
Third Harvest season.

I cant remind you enough that its the Festival 
of the Dead is the season when the shroud 
between this world and the Astral realms 
is almost non-existent. 

Meaning that the spiritual plain and our reality
are so close that Amazing powers are 
far more accessible to us.


And for the record, we only work with the Great
Spirit with whom we already have an established
covenant relationship.

So our influential-spells are completely safe
to use. No Harm, Backfires or Bad Karma. 
high-energy-spells for Samhuin.

Powerful deities at work. Via the Great spirit,
we can summon any lesser gods. If you fancy 
Greek deities, for example, We would ask The 
Great spirit to send down the spirit of Hermes, 
Hekate, etc. to address you need.

but moreover, I should say, if you would like 
we can summon any deity that you may want to 
help resolve your situation for you.

​Request a deity is optional, all you need to is
select the festival-spell you want because The 
Great spirit knows how to satisfy your request.


Event: Samhain, Product: Magic Spells, Type: Services, Samhain Spell Casting Service. Spells for Samhain, All Souls Night, All Souls Night Oct. 31st. The Feast of the Dead opens a path to a very enchanted season that can become quite magical for you once you select one of our Samhain spells.