spells to get rid of rival.

Get rid of rival spells for love, Co worker, Career, Athletics, or other type of situation that you want to Eliminate a Rival.

Banishment spells.

Eliminate negative people.

Banishment spells to get rid of rival.

Get rid of someone that contaminates your life with nothing but negativity and anxiety. Negative people can be harmful to your state of mind and sense of self.

Remove annoying, bad, or bullying people from your life. We will give them a "metaphysical" kick to drive them away from you.

No one ever needs to know that it was you who was behind their removal. Use these spells to get rid of rivals to create distance and space from them.

Remove abusive, controlling, manipulating, and trouble-causing people from you, a family member, or a friend's life.

Remove those people that always seem to cause you or a loved one hardships and unnecessary problems.

Banish a rival.

Get rid of a love rival

get rid of rival banishment spells

Sometimes people who were once attracted to you just aren't anymore. Sometimes relationships come at the wrong time or are no longer healthy or productive for us.

Other times we just get weird, freaky obsessive beaus (or bells) that we'd rather get rid of. In love most of the time we will always have rivals also. Any type of rival ( people that are not good for you ) can cause irreparable damage if not dealt with quickly and forcefully.

If someone is standing in the way of your happiness, these spells are designed to neutralize them.

These spells will get them out of the picture. We have these powerful banishment spells to deal with any type of bad or unpleasant situation.

Banish a problematic person

Banish a love rival, Banish a Co worker or boss, Banish a bully or trouble maker !!