Winter Solstice | Spells for Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice Spells promises to manifest the results you want. 

Spells for Winter Solstice

The possibilities are endless, as is the powers of Winter Solstice.

Winter Solstice Spells

Winter Solstice mystically ensures there will be miraculous rewards ahead, and reminds us that life is forever present and renewable.


Wicca / pagan lore and the Winter Solstice. 

Below is a variety of history, traditions, symbols and lore

for your information and entertainment. 

FYI, we like to share research with the public; But this does not

mean we agree with everything we research and post.

Winter Solstice spells are super effective

Solstice was known as Sacaea.

the Mesopotamian's called the solstice - Sacaea.

To  the ancient Greeks its the Festival of Cronus (Kronos), 

and as Saturnalia to the Romans. 

​In Wicca ( wiccan ),

which is loosely based on the practices of the ancient Celts,

Yule marks the beginning of the reign of the Oak King.

He then reigns until Midsummer, or Litha. 

The Oak King and Holly King are archetypes

also known as the different faces of God.

This solstice marks a change, a return to light and

a shift in the energy of mother earth herself. 

Powerful Winter Solstice spells

At the start of the Winter Solstice,

The two god themes of the year's cycle coincide

even more dramatically than they do at Summer.

Yule (from the Norse iul, meaning wheel)

marks the death and the rebirth of the Sun God. 

This also marks the vanquishing of the Holly King. 

The Holly King is the god of the Waning Year, 

He is vanquished by the Oak King.

The Oak King, is the God of the Waxing Year.

These two God kings take turns ruling over the year.

The Oak King reigns during the light half,

or throughout Spring and Summer,

while the dark half, Autumn and Winter,

belongs to the Holly King.

Winter Solstice ritual spells    

Pagan and Christian beliefs.

They is intermingled with Christmas celebration.

Many traditions that are now a part of the mainstream

Christian culture actually come from ancient pagans. 

Such as decorating with evergreens. 

Hanging ornaments on a tree. 

Partaking of sweet confections, processions,

gift giving, wassailing or singing carols. 

The burning of the yule log.

Enrich and improve your life

As i said that was about the lore of the Winter Solstice.

but this this does mean we agree or support that lore.

We post that info for entertainment purposes.

​Seasons have the power to change your life.

Nature shows us that all things change,

and seasons are an example of this undeniable rule of life. 

My point, you don't have to do without the things you want.

Whatever your situation is, whatever purpose you have, 

A spell can be cast to satisfy your need.

 Get your miraculous rewards  


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Winter Solstice Spells promises to manifest the results you want. Endless possibilities, Spells for Winter Solstice.
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Spells cast for winter Solstice 

​The Winter solstice is the perfect gateway

for some radical, mystical magick making. 

Winter Solstice, A day when the casting of a spell

give promise to manifest the results you want.

Endless Possibilities await

Winter Solstice: December Magick, the Whys & Hows. 

The Winter Solstice is all about ending old cycles,

and ushering in a new and better cycle. 

The winter solstice is the perfect time to get your sh*t together

Focus on what you want to grow and manifest

as the days grow longer. 

Winter Solstice…the longest day of darkness in the year;

and with the darkness comes the promise of light,

the rebirth of the Sun. 

Its a powerful date with exceptional Magickal Connections.

There will be miraculous rewards

This Winter solstice marks a change,

a return to light and a shift in the energy

of mother earth herself. 

Since the winter solstice falls so close to New Year's,

it's the perfect time for some deep and heavy self-reflection.

The old adage "out with the old, in with the new"

seems wildly appropriate here. 

The Winter solstice is the perfect gateway for 

some radical, mystical magick making. 

The winter solstice itself is the darkest day of the year.

And, contrary to the popular belief,

darkness does not mean its evil!. 

In this case, its more about

​the rebirth of the Sun, the giver of warmth, life and light. 

its the perfect time

to focus on what you want

so that the light to can bring it to you.

Get something to be genuinely happy about

 Winter Solstice Spells & Rituals. 

Its Known as Yule on the Wiccan Wheel of the Year. 

Solstice spells and rituals for Yule

celebrate the themes of the Oak King (longer daylight hours)

Vanquishing the Holly King (hours of darkness). 

Its all about ending old cycles,

and ushering in a new and better cycle. 

it is a festive time of year throughout the world.

With the rebirth of the Sun, the giver of life and light. 

Have your spell cast on this date

and you will beMiraculously rewarded

Winter Solstice rites. 

This is one of our oldest celebrations,

dating back to the dawn of modern civilization

some 30,000 years ago. 

For ancient peoples, the winter solstice

was an awesome, mysterious, and powerful phenomenon. 

The Winter solstice is the perfect gateway

for getting the results you seek.

Usher in a better cycle