Bewitching spells came to life in the cradle of existence.

The source of power for these spells springs forth from Mesopotamian Magic. Mesopotamia lies within the Middle East countries. It is associated with the  Asian continent and engulfed by the European landmass. It sets between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. This region is the cradle of existence and the origin of civilization. Indeed, It is a very magical land.

Mesopotamian Magic centers around the Astral deity Shamash. As the solar deity, Shamash controls the whole universe. And he exercised the power of light over darkness and evil. Thus, kings became kings with this power. And many wise people make manifest the desires of their hearts.

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Gain anything you desire via Bewitching.

Obtain love, wealth, happiness, success, or anything else via powerful bewitchment. Hence, Use it on others or yourself to obtain a lover, riches, pleasure, victory, or anything else you may crave. Bewitching spell to gain anything you desire.

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Bewitch and be blessed with the desires of your heart. Moreover, take control over a person, thing, situation, or condition. Therefore, Make someone love you, Get rid of a rival, Become wealthy, Triumph over others, and so forth. Tap universal power to accomplish, master, and obtain. Master destiny and alter fate. 

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Bewitching spell to gain anything you desire. Ancient Mesopotamian tablet featuring the Astral deity Shamash.

Bewitching spell to gain anything you desire.

Mesopotamian Magic.

Indeed, mesmerize and remove someone's ability and power to resist your demands, wants, or wishes. Additionally, Bewitch a courtroom to win a legal case. Overcome a criminal indictment or gain a victory in a lawsuit. Alternatively, become a money magnet and get rich. Moreover, take control of your life.

Work things together for your greater good.  

Bewitching spell

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