Spell to curse

We have no issues with cursing a deserving person. 

There are people in the world that choose to abuse.

They scorn, take advantage and hurt innocent people. 

Some don't care what effect their actions have on others.

it's your choice: Be a victim or do something about it.

We wont hesitate to help you.

Curses, spells and Comminations.

Were in no position to judge.

We just know you need help and that's why were here.

Indecent and low life people do exist. 

They slither out when you least expect it.

We want them to face retribution for their dirty deeds.

it’s time that they get a taste of their own medicine.

Affliction Spell.

Pay back the wrongs doings they gave you.

Its time they paid their due's.

They deserves to get their comeuppance?

Let us place a dark cloud over their head.

Bring them bad luck, bad karma, and misfortune.

Often a curse is the best solution to your problem.


Curse | Summary of spell

Spell to place a curse someone.

This is a Curse you can use in today's Modern world.

Use your imagination and let this magic do your bidding.

The aim is to see misfortune befall the recipient.

Any number of dire (or annoying) fates will plague them.

A curse is a potent phenomenon, summons the wrath of god.

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Spell to place a curse someone

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Spell to curse someone. Bring them the bad luck, bad karma, and misfortune. View the Summary of this Curse spell.
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Castigation Spell.

This is your best chance to get even.

Make the person eat crow.

Get back what they have done to you tenfold 

Don't stew about it, turn up the heat on them.

Cause them the pain that they have caused you. 

Make them pay for what they have done.

Castigation Curse

This is an extremely powerful curse

It will manifest in a variety of ways.

Its based on the individuals own unique karmic debts.

We will set this intent into motion

Universe might will do the rest.

if you want them to suffer, this is your solution.

Curse of Woe.

This curse can:

Inflict severe (moral or corporal) punishment.

harass, plague, smite and torment.

Dish out distress, grief and hard knocks.

Express your disgust and condemnation.

Brandish this whip, too shake your target to the core.


Potent Curse Spell.

Put a curse on someone to get Even. 

Settle the score with someone You Hate. 

Make a target feel the hardships that they so deserve.

Curse someone that has taken advantage of you.

Let bad things to happen to someone that slighted you.

Use this curse to teach them a lesson they wont forget.