Intanquilty spell

Make someone do whatever you want

Make someone give in to your Wants, Wishes, Desires and or Demands. Make someone love you, Bring back lost lover or Break up a romance. Also use to make Cheaters, Dead beats & Scam artist pay for ripping you off.

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Give into my demands Intranqility spell

This Intranquility spell will hound someone to make them give into your demands.

Make Cheaters, Victimizers, Tricksters, Swindlers, Dead beats & Scam artist PAY FOR RIPPING YOU OFF

Can also be used to make someone love you, Bring back lost lover, Get rid of a love rival or Break up a romance.

Use it to get rid of an Annoying co worker, Bad boss, A negative person, Someone that's Abusive, a Trouble maker, instigators or anyone else that's causing you trouble,