Meteorite Almanac and Calendar.

Knowing the times and dates of these meteoroid events is key to manifesting dreams and making dreams come true. Timing is everything in the spellcasting world. Thus and therefore, we provide you with this almanac and or guide for shooting stars.

​A meteoric event is a celestial occasion wherein some meteors will radiate or streak brightly inside the nighttime sky. These meteors result from streams of cosmic particles referred to as meteoroids coming into Earth's surroundings at extraordinarily excessive speeds.

Many meteorites consist of stardust created by stars that formed our solar system. Meteorites may have provided Earth life's building blocks - organic compounds such as carboxylic, formic, acetic, and complex amino acids transported deeply within the rocks.

And as said, meteoric events occur when planet earth crashes into a trail of particles left behind by an asteroid or comet. That causes the stardust to enter the Earth's atmosphere at very high speeds and glow because they are red hot.

The dates of significant meteoric occasions do not vary much from year to year, although the peak of the experience can vary by a day or two. We have listed these peak days in the tables below.

This almanac page for shooting stars is the best resource to find the dates and times these magical space rocks will streak through the sky. We list the dates and times so that you will know the time and date to allow us to cast the most powerful spells for you. 

Chronology of a Meteorite Swarm.

This astronomical almanac contains dates for meteoric events. Most notably are the dates for the shooting stars' peak dates. Shooting stars don't have to be visible to you to use their magic. Viewing the Meteor Shower is optional if visible in your area.

This celestial almanac is a timetable, schedule, timescale, timeframe and provides you with the most prominent timelines of meteoroid activity to be used in conjunction with meteorite magick. This combination creates the perfect conditions to manifest endless possibilities.

As the swarm of shooting stars streak through the night sky, it provides a spellcaster with extra inspiration and a massive boost of energy to cast your spell, making the spellcasting super effective for you. Meteoroid activity naturally increases the power to manifest your goal.

As each star blazes across the horizon, it creates a new potential path that you can take advantage of to obtain the results you wish to manifest in your life. Every star that falls from the heavens directly links to the divine source, which opens the path to manifest your heart's desire.

Stardust is magical. Stardust contains the essence of life itself. Or said another way, it can bring to life whatever wish you have. And when that wish is empowered correctly and made known to the universe, all things become more than possible. It's the best time to bring your desire to life.

Meteor Spells are cast once within 24 hrs of order and followed by the Main casting during the Meteor shower. 

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The majestic magick of meteorites.

The Quadrantids.

Quadrantids describe any meteorites that appear once a year in early January. This heavenly show is among the most active and produces around 50 to 100 shooting stars an hour on a lucid night.

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The Lyrids.

For the last 2,700 years, The Lyrid bolide swarm has appeared every April. It usually peaks in the pre-dawn hours towards the end of April. It generally wows all with about 100 shooting streams per hour.

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The Eta Aquarids.

Mother Earth crosses the path of Halley's Comet twice. Once in early May and again in October. In May, you can rest assured that tiny bits of the Comet will light up the nighttime sky. Halley's Comet is magical.

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The Delta Aquarids

The peak for the Delta Aquarids is always towards the end of July. It puts on a small to medium show of about 25 meteors an hour. Their name reflects that they come from the constellation Aquarius.

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The Perseids

The Comet Swift–Tuttle is responsible for the Perseids. Folklore says the Perseids memorialize when Zeus visited Danaë, Perseus's mother, as a golden shower. Perseids are well known for big fireballs. 

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The Draconids. 

The parent comet for the Draconids body is known as comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner and comes from the constellation Draco. These space rocks display a brilliant tail of icy debris that's dazzling. 

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The Orionids

Halley's Comet ensures that the Orionids create a prolific event. It is by far the most brilliant and beautiful presentation of the year. The Orionids come to us from the constellation Orion.

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The Taurids

The Comets Encke and asteroid 2004 TG are the proud parents of the Taurids. And the stream of stardust scattered is the biggest within our inner Solar System and is known to produce brightly glowing fireballs.

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The Leonids

The Comet Tempel-Tuttle fathers this cosmic event. The particles from Leonid arrive from the constellation Leo. It is one of the most potent occasions of the year we use for spellcasting.

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The Alpha Monocerotids

Alpha shows up from the constellation of Monoceros. Its origins are a mystery as its trail of dust comes from an unknown comet. Yet, we do know that its constellation is that of Monoceros.

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The Geminids

This Meteorite Swarm comes to us due to the asteroid 3200 Phaethon and is one of only two cosmic shows that do not come to us from a comet - Thus making this event ever so unique and quite remarkable.

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The Ursids

The radiant point for the Ursids is near the star Beta Ursae Minoris, and that is in the constellation Ursa Minor. The mother of the Ursids is the Comet known as 8P/Tuttle and comes around near the winter solstice.

Wish upon falling star & So shall it be. A gift for you from something larger than ourselves, the cosmos. Meteor Spells

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Meteorite Calendar

Meteor shower Calendar.

Meteor shower almanac and calendars do include dates for all major meteor showers. Check out when the next meteor shower is so you can catch a shooting star!

Yearly Calendar for Meteor Showers.

Dates / Timeline 2022 - 2050

Showers don't have to be visible to you to use its magic.

Jan.  3–4   - Quadrantids
Apr. 22–23  - Lyrids
May   6–7   - Eta Aquarids
July 28, 29 - Delta Aquarids
Aug. 12, 13 - Perseids
Oct.  7     - Draconids 
Oct. 21, 22 - Orionids 
Nov.  4, 5  - Taurids
Nov. 17, 18 - Leonids 
Nov. 21 to 25 - Alpha Monocerotids
Dec. 13, 14   - Geminids
Dec. 21, 22   - Ursids

Meteor Shower Spell List

A meteor shower is directly linked to supernatural and spiritual powers. They provide the energy to generate new opportunities and manifest wishes. Meteor showers are super magical. The ancients claimed that a comet or falling star represents divine energy to change the world.

Meteorites give us hope in the ever-changing times in our world. They represent an opportunity for us to come together to make whatever changes need to be made to better yourself as a whole. For us, these falling Meteorites allow us to focus their energy and manifest wishes.