Situations far beyond your control can leave you feeling defeated, unhappy and frustrated butfocusing on all the ways the world has caused you unfair suffering won’t help you in the long run. 

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Empower yourself and banish your troubles away with these self help spells

Self - help spells

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More Self improvement spells

Confidence Boosters
Work, job, Career, love, Athletics, Sports, Achievments, Grades, Test, or anything else that you need to boost your Confidence for  
When you feel good about yourself, you emit an aura of confidence that will impress and attract others to you. This is an important spell because self-confidence and self-esteem breeds success. 

Knowing that you are on top of things and that you know what you are doing will impress the right people and help you make great strides toward a meaningful career. Soon you will look forward to the challenges in the workplace because you will have the confidence of others. 

 Love machine ( Confidence for attracting love)
Once you love yourself and know you are a great person, it will be easier for your significant other to be wildly in love with you. You will smile more, be more lovable, even irresistible, and it will be very difficult for your lover not to hold you, caress you, love you. 


Increase abilities / Improve results  
in Finances, Career, Athletics, Sports, Achievments, Grades, Test, or what-so-ever else you want to Increase abilities / Improve results in


in Finances, Career, Athletics, Sports, Achievments, Grades, Test, or for whatever else you want to have Success with   
This potent spell is designed to activate the spirits from within to guide you to the best decisions. It's time you achieved Success and enjoyed the finer things in life. 


Eliminate Rival 
in love, Career, Athletics, or other type of need that you want to Eliminate a Rival  
If someone is out to get you or is causing you stress and anxiety, its designed to impregnate their very being and redirect their bad vibrations back to them. This is a powerful spell and should be used only against evil people. 


Gain Respect 
in love, Career, work, Athletics, or for whatever else you want to Gain Respect in   
You are no different than anyone else - you need to know people think highly of you. Once this spell is cast in your behalf, you will have a radiance about you that will impress others and gain their confidence in you. 

Get What You Want
Courage Enchantment
Self-esteem boost
Notice Me
Adoration Spell
Charisma and popularity 
Anxiety Spell (worry, nervousness, or unease)
Banish Personal Negativity
Lose Your Troubles
Break Bad Habits
Clear Away the Old
Stop Smoking Spell
Stop Drinking alcohol
Stop taking Drugs
Purification Spell 

Empowering spells

Fire spells - Powerful spell-castings to Empower you !!!!

Confidence Booster -  Soar over the toughest situations

Improve Skill set  -  Increase abilities to excel & rise to the top

Success spell - succeed in your personal and professional lives

Get rid of a Rival- Eliminate someone standing between you and your goals


Self improvement spells

Do you desire to be more popular and loved by all who meet you. These self improvement spells will get you invited to more parties, asked out more by more people, and provide you with all the little monetary perks that come with the good life! In order for things to change in your life, in order to get where you want to be, you have to grow into the person who is ready for that change. Personal development is vital to your success. If you feel you have been held back by bad luck or an inability to take advantage of opportunities, then it is your destiny that you are reading these words at this time. Take a look at the following and see which self-improvement spells work best for you.

Weight loss - Take charge of your life !  

Break bad habits - Master bad habits

Achieve my Goals  -  Accomplish, Achieve and Fulfill Goals

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If you have multiple needs, wants or desires you should order multiple spells. The most effective spells are specific ones. If you purchase a single spell and add several request to it, you will reduce the power and decrease the effectiveness of the spell. Everyone of my spells has a very specific goal. Each spell has an exclusive ritual that calls for the use of specific items required for the incantation and casting process. I will do whatever you want but i say these things so that i can cast your spell with a clear conscience.

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End Unreasonable Expectations
Stop the Self Sabotage
increase Social Skills
express yourself 
share feelings
Confidence booster
increase self esteem
cease being nervous
halt fears of failure
break bad habits
bind addiction  
inspire Assertiveness
terminate Feeling inadequate
depart from Depression
block panic attacks
​Patience Spell