3 events taking place on one blessed day 9.28.19.  

let us guide you on this sacred journey

to get the rewards you so desperately desire. 

Make your request known by selecting a

sacred spell to satisfy your need. 

3 Events on 1 day.

- Super effective -

3 Special Spell Casting services 

On this night vast power wells will be 

tapped into to release amazing energy to manifest

things needed to enrich, improve and better your life. 

The energy of this event will be used to

help you attain a state of Nirvana,

a state of total satisfaction. 

The goal of this ancient practice is to help

you reach your highest state,

so that you can live a life without lack or loss. 

This is a Highly effective time period to cast your spells.

perfect time for casting new and or booster spells.

Spells cast during this event carry the power

to influence the things that matter most in life:

Love, Money, Health, Power & Success.

These Special event spells can

set you free from any type of loss, lack

It can release you from any form or type of limitations in life. 

This Day delivers a vast amount of manifesting energy.

Spells are driven with energy. 

The higher the energy level when a spell is cast,

the more effective that spell will be for you. 

So were not going to let the highly charged energy levels

of this event go to waste, and we hope you wont either!

Special Spell Casting Event: 11.16.19

300 Caveland Dr, Olive Hill, KY 41164 (private property)

Basic cast  $24.99 ,  mpn: A253 , sku: 0A253 ,  Rating Value: 5 , reviewCount: 0848 , 

Leonid meteor showers, ​​New Moon, Thanksgiving. Spell casting service, Price: $24.99. Manifest rewards desperately desired.

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5 0848
Leonid meteor showers, New Moon, Thanksgiving. Spell casting service, Price: $24.99. Manifest rewards desperately desired.
24.99 2050-01-01

Super Moon - Last one of the year > 9.28.19

The mystic energy of the Super Moon contains a unique, potent and penetrating magic that's very effective.

This is something that we wish to share with you. 

Its a scientific fact that the Super Moon has particular powers

that affect everything and everyone in our world.

When the super moon arrives, powerful energy will swirl in the

lunar-charged sky. Adding extra oomph to your spells! 

Let us send your spell out into the Universe

with a enough potency to change the world for you!

Spells of the Spirit Warriors.

A spirit warrior is a supernatural helper, 

Most would classify them as warrior angels.

They will battle to the end to deliver results for you.

Release powerful Warrior spirits with these potent spells.

Spirit warrior Spells are fueled via Earthen Energy.

These Spells are Super potent and highly effective.​​

​Release Warriors spirits, they can deliver the results you want.

Dramatically increase the manifesting process.

They will battle Non Stop to deliver results for you.

New Moon Magic.

We know how to harness the power of a New Moon

to amplify its power & cast amazing spells for you.

Get the things that matter most: Love, Money, Success, Health.

We have an exceptional connection to Earth's natural satellite.

The moon is thought of as the mother energy

and the sun as the father energy.

We can harness that energy;  via magick, 

to help you get what you want most in life.

Our calling compels us to use this energy

to help you get the results that you have been seeking.

Special Spell Casting Event - 11.16.19

Leonid meteor showers, ​​New Moon, Thanksgiving.

That 3 powerful Events all for 1 price

All who order a spell will Receive a powerful Cast

We will Host 3 separate services to honor each event.  

  • Spells cast once within 24 hrs of order,
  • Main castings during the 3 separate services.

Special Event for Spell Casting  - 11.16.19

The energy is fruitful and abundant as three events take place on one date. Its time to make your wish come true.

3 Power Events

  • Leonid meteor showers -  Nov 18th 2019 ( every 33 yrs )
    ​​New Moon      - Nov. 26th 2019
    Thanksgiving  - Nov. 28th 2019

Get your spell Cast in all 3 events for 1 price

Dont miss this awesome opportunity to cast your spell

Miracles will happen ( Potent Casting )

Make your request known to the universe

by selecting a sacred spell to satisfy your need

Spell Casting for Special Event

This is a Highly effective time to have your spell cast.

Special Spell Casting Event