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Spells cast once within 24 hrs of order, followed by the Main casting during Lammas 

Spells for Lammas

Spells cast once within 24 hrs of order, followed by Main casting during the Lammas Festival.  ( Date of Event

list of Lammas Spells

Spells for Lammas. List of lammas Spells.

Spells - Lammas 

Spells cast once within 24 hrs of order,

Followed by Main casting during the Lammas Festival

These are the spells ancients kings used to become kings and keep control of everything in their kingdoms.

These Incantations of Sed can be used to solve any problem or settle any situation. Sed Festival Conjurations can be used to satisfy any and every want, wish or need. 

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Lammas Beauty Spell 

​​Spell of beautification. Sed's Beauty Spell to make you beautiful inside and out, From inner spirit, to the roots of your hair, down to your toenails. Also helps build up your self image and confidence. Take control, be bold and vibrant.  

Lammas Beauty Spell

​Lammas Bring back lover Spell

Use this potent reunification love spell to bring back lost love, and inspire your love to return. win back the ex-partner, return a lost lover, reunite with them and rekindle their former flame.

> ​Lammas Bring back lover Spell

Lammas spell: Attract Soul mate

A soul mate can be a lover,

But, a lover is not always a soul mate. so if your seeking true love, Let us send a Divine love message to attract that very special someone who is waiting for you.

> Lammas spell: Attract Soul mate

Lammas spell: Remove Curse

I Will Remove Curses, Bad Luck, Ghost, Demons With a powerful Cleansing Spell. expel and remove negative energy, bad karma, hexes, curses, ghost ,spirits, demons, curses from your life. Break free today.

> Lammas spell: Remove Curse

Lammas spell: Cleansing

Spell to absolve and purge unfavorable elements. Cleansing Spell to Eliminate Problems From Within and reclaim your power. Powerful Practice to Purify and Clear Your Energy. 

Lammas spell: Cleansing

Lammas spell: Justice

Need legal help?

Get a court ruling to go in your favor, win your case: Disability, SSI, Parole hearings, Tickets, Criminal, Child support, Fines, etc. Get favorable ruling for any & all legal Trouble

Lammas spell: Justice

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Lammas spell: Banishment

Spell is used to get rid of almost anything or anyone.Get rid of co worker or your boss, love rival, unwanted spirit, a person you don't want around or situation that you're sick of dealing with.

Lammas spell: Banishment 

Lammas spell: Bewitching

Created to allure, enchant, dazzle & mesmerize. Can be used on others or self to obtain any goal. Mystical empowerment for love, wealth, happiness, success or anything else you may crave or desire for.

> Lammas spell: Bewitching 

Lammas spell: Intanquilty

Make someone give in to your Wants, Wishes, Desires and or Demands. Make someone love you, Bring back lost lover or Break up a romance. Also use to make Cheaters, Dead beats & Scam artist pay for ripping you off 

> Lammas spell: Intanquilty

Lammas spell: Money Magnet

Tired of working hard and getting nowhere? These Money spells contain the most power to attract money to manifest your money wish, so that your dreams can come true.

You paid your dues You deserve big money

> Lammas spell: Money Magnet 

Lammas spell: Job / Business

Spell to triumph in work, career or employment. This Job Business Success Spell will give you the edge you need to get hired, advance your profession or start up a new company. Use it to thrive in any stage of your enterprising venture.

> Lammas spell: Job / Business 

Lammas spell: I wish

Spell to make wish come true. Simply tell us what you need or are wishing for and we will create and cast it for you. We dont know your situation, we just know you need help. and thats exactly what were going to do.

> Lammas spell: I wish 

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Lammas is the initial festival of the harvest cycle. Lammas is the ideal opportunity to express your gratefulness for all the favors and blessings gained within this year, and the perfect time to order a spell to get the things wanted most.

Spell List for Lammas.

Like time itself, our lives travel through cycles, stages, and seasons.

Lammas kicks off August,

customarily some call it - the hour to collect the first fruits. Celebrate Lammas by ordering a spell so that you can harvest the first fruits of this new season. Reap what you sow, turn wishes into reality.

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Spells cast once within 24 hrs of order, followed by the Main casting during Lammas
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Lammas is a period of commemorating wealth, riches, and the prosperity of every aspect of life. Even though it's summer, Fall is practically around the bend but the most productive time for harvest is just now starting. Everything is going to a peak.