Spells - Sed Festival.

History of Sed Festival.  

This sacred day was used to revitalize ancient kings.

The name comes from the deity Sed, an early wolf-god (sometimes depicted as more of a jackal),

who was originally among the most important gods, associated with the the kings power. 

This day is still considered to be one of the most potent time periods to take control of your life.  

Today the Sed festival is used to directly connect people to the divine source

Its a day for people to solve problems, settle situations and or satisfy any want, wish or need.  

These spells can Influence the behavior of others and Change the course of events

Use these spells to get things that matter most: Love, Money, Power & Justice. 

Take control of your domain, live large & in charge. Don't let a false fate dictate your destiny.  

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Sed Spells cast once within 24 hrs of order, followed by Main casting during the Sed Festival. Sed's list of Spells.
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Spells for Sed Festival

These Spells of Sed can be used to solve any problem or settle any situation. Sed Festival spells can be used to satisfy any and every want, wish or need.

Sed's list of Spells.

This sacred day was used to revitalize ancient kings. It was held to ensure the king remained empowered. Theses sacred spells of sed produce results.  

The Sed festival; otherwise called Heb Sed Banquet of empowerment was an old Egyptian service to assure that consecration of the ongoing rule of the current pharaoh. 

It was also held to insure the current King was still in harmony with the will of the gods and was more than powerful enough to rule.

Today the Sed festival is used to directly connect people to the divine source. This day is still considered and one of the most potent times to take control of your life. 

Sacred spells of the Sed Festival.

​Its a day to satisfy any want, wish or need.

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