Get that first date, proposal, engagement, or motivate your lover to take that final step and marry you.

Get Them To Commit To You.

Everyone has different expectations when it comes to relationships. Some want to see where things may end up going. Others have no real intention of getting serious. In addition to that, many enjoy being in a relationship, but as time goes by, you discover they drag their feet when it comes to taking your relations to the next level or making it official. 

But then you have those on hyperdrive and ever-ready to get married after the first date. Yet the odds are, you are here because you're dealing with someone who falls into the first three categories rather than the one who is ever-ready to make the commitments to advance the state of the relationship.

And I'm sure you are already aware that this is a sensitivity issue that requires some sensitivity, more so than simply putting your foot down. I assume you may have tried putting your foot down yet could not get the desired results. And I completely understand that there is nothing better than having the one you love make a promise to elevate relations and then stick to it and honor their word.

And, that's why we are here. To help get that promise fulfilled.

The EASIEST way to get them to commit.

Our love spells work for whatever level of commitment you want to come to pass. If your lover has been reluctant to commit fully to you and the relationship you desire, then you must have us cast one of these great enchantments of love to gain the commitments you expect and deserve. Get them to step up and consummate the deal.

Fully Committing. 

Improve upon the relationship between you and your companion by supernaturally compelling them to put the pedal to the metal and stop beating around the bush. It's time for them to show they want to be with you in a committed relationship. Let's get them to seal the deal.

Commitment spells, aka dating, proposal, engagement, marriage, and or love binding spells, are powerful. So don't waste any more time wondering if things will develop the way you wish between you and your lover.

Take action - Select a Spell.

Fix partners' commitment issues.

These enchantments work to resolve complications, issues, and problems (past and present) that may be preventing your partner from fully committing to you. Use these loving enchantments to help your companion overcome phobias, trust, and commitment issues. 

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Make partner commit: Commitment spells.

Get the commitment you want. Stop waiting for your partner or love interest to commit and compel them to take action today and make a commitment. Resolve issues that have kept your partner from fully committing to you. (Spell List)

Commitment Spells To Get Your Lover To Commit.

One must make Commitments to advance the state of a relationship. And these enchantments can get the one your waiting on to comply with your dating, engagement, or marriage wishes.

Commitments - SPELL LIST 

Get A Commitment

Ask me out

Engagement / Proposal

Marry me

Stop cheating on me

We have not listed these yet, but we continually update the site and will post them before you know it. But you do not have to wait to order any of these unlisted spells right now. Just be sure to include the Spell name when you send us your info after placing your order. 

Give me assurance

Dedicate yourself to me

I need a guarantee

Loyalty pledge

Fulfill the promise

Commitment Spell

Take a vow