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The Neptunalia festival is held in honor of Neptune.

Neptune is the Roman name of Poseidon.

Neptune is better known today as Poseidon.

The power to materialize results of these Neptune spells comes directly from the hallowed component - Water. Water does more than sustain life – it's considered to be of a divine nature.

The Waters are sacred and have been the life source for everything and everyone from the beginning. Water is a powerful source.

Spells, Festival, & Neptunalia

The essential element of water plays a vital role in all aspects of our lives. Water is boundless and ceaselessly responsive to the request to create. 

Poseidon and Neptune are the same deity and known to be the lord of the ocean. The only variance would be that Poseidon's name is from the Greek while Neptune is the Roman.

From Dreams to Wishes and Needs to Wants, Water holds endless energy, inspiration and potential. They are very powerful spells.

Neptunalia festival & Spells.

What's more, since these spells are fated by the energies of consecrated water, They can manifest whatever you desire.

These spells have no restrictions or limits.

Neptunalia list of Spells

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Neptunalia Spells Produce the things you want and can manifest whatever you desire. Neptunalia festival & Spells.
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History of Neptunalia Festival Spells  

Neptunian and or Neptunalia is an ancient celebration to pay tribute to water and of Neptune as the divine ruler of the waters. The History of Neptune as a water god date back to the formation of the earth, long before the birth of man. When the sky overhead didn't yet exist nor the earth beneath, 

Apsu / Neptune /  Poseidon, Lord  of the ocean waters ( all water ) was there. 

this is a divine source the world over, water contains a shrewdness not many today comprehend. Driving everything from our metabolic procedures to the climate and environmental change, its genuine hugeness lies in its job as a mechanism for transformation. 

Looking back to the first human's adoration for water, one can see clearly water's sacrosanct uses, its job in our bodies and everything in our world and beyond, and the most recent examinations by scientist have uncovered that water is a cognizant living being that is self-making and manifestation master. 

Don't just take our word for it (google it). if you Analyze the new disclosures in quantum science, you find that water ties all of life into one huge system, permitting amazing powers to advance, better, boost, correct, and vastly enhance your life. To Connect with that energy, order a spell. 

Water visionaries, quantum biologists and other aquatic experts say that the water of today is the very same water that has been going through Earth's history since the beginning of time, making water the most prominent self-regenerating source in the cosmos. 

Meaning it has the power to produce the things you want most. 

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Neptunalia festival, Neptune's list of Spells

Neptunalia list of Spells

Neptune / Poseidon Spells

  • Spells cast once within 24 hrs of order, 
  • Main casting during the Festival.
  • The Neptune Festival ( last sat of July )